TDL Releasing PhilharMagic Soundtrack Feb 2011

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disneykw over at Rodentsections has just pointed out a new release coming from Tokyo Disneyland to go with their version of Philharmagic opening in January.

According to his post the titles translate as such:

1. Warm-Up (CD Exclusive)
2. Mickey Mouse March (CD Exclusive)
3. Be Our Guest
4. Part of Your World
5. I Just Can't Wait to Be King
6. You Can Fly!
7. A Whole New World
8. Fill & Spill Music (CD Exclusive)

Tracks 3-7 are apparently taken from the Japanese versions of the film soundtracks, and it seems this is supposed to be more of an accompaniment to the attraction as opposed to a complete ridethrough-type CD. Still, assuming that it's the same music being used, I guess 3 pieces of music from Philharmagic is better than nothing (and knowing TDL there could be more released down the line).

The CD is set to be released 2/2/11.


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So ... did anyone buy this? Are the "exclusive" tracks worth the price?
I ordered it. They shipped it today (Feb 2), so I should have it by Friday. (fingers crossed)

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For those looking how/where to purchase the PhilharMagic CD:


:cd: [amzjp='B004EVW4EQ']CD[/amzjp] | :itunes: iTunes | :mp3: MP3

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I posted about this and then I completely forgot about it. Now to go order mine.

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I actually still haven't ordered a copy- shipping from Japan is about as much as the CD itself and regrettably I don't really have $50 to spent on a CD for three tracks at the moment. Still, I do plan on buying it eventually, can anyone who purchased a copy provide a review of its contents?