TDL One Man's Dream II -The Magic Lives on- Started on July 3


One Man's Dream II -The Magic Lives on- began at Showbase in TDL's Tomorrowland on July 3. (The sneak preview started on July 1.) It is the replacement of "Once Upon a Mouse".
The CD release is not scheduled yet.
I already saw it a few times. Great!!!!! It was more than I expected.

1. Opening (One Man's Dream)
2. Animals (Terk and King Louie)
3. Bug's Life
4. Peter Pan
5. Villains
6. Prince and Princess
7. Shooting the film (Donald Duck)
8. 1st finale (Mickey Mouse Our Shining Star)
9. 2nd finale (One Man's Dream)
The titles are not official.
If you have a plan to go to TDR, do not miss the opportunity to see this show.



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Arigatogozaimashita! I saw "One Man's Dream" in April 1994 and thought it was an excellent show. Is this new production the same style as the original "One Man's Dream?"

Also, we will be visiting Japan for 2.5 weeks in April 2005 (we go home just before Golden Week starts)...what are the chances that this new show will still be running?



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It's too bad One Man's Dream II couldn't come to Disneyland instead of the Snow White show. But since the Fantasyland Theater got redone just for Snow, I guess it ain't gonna happen.