TDL Disney's Halloween


I ordered the 2006 one from the net and just received it. I love it, it is really, really fun. ;D

I noticed that there is a 2007 Disney's Halloween coming out soon, I'll be sure to order soon! It seems there were also ones from 2005 and 2004. Where there any others from TDL?

I also have DLP Halloween-Halloween from (I think) 1999, did DLP release any other Halloween cds?

I can't help it, Halloween is my favorite Holiday, and my Husband and Dad both celebrate their birthdays in October. It is a big, big month around here! So help me figure out the gaps in my Halloween Disney CDS.

(Also I have Haunted Mansion from DL, Haunted Mansion Holiday and Nightmare Before Christmas so I'm good there too)

Ok more questions since I have your attention.

My Haunted Mansion CD is the 30th anniversary one, is the one difference between that one and the current release the lack of non-DL Mansions/Manor? AND is the only difference between my 30th Anniversary recording and the current ride soundtrack the bride in the attic? I was playing attention during my last visit in '06 but I hadn't brushed up on the recording before I went so I would notice the subtle differences) ;D

I'm working on my Disney Parks CDs and I'm missing a TON, mostly due to lack of funds (I'm finally an adult! yea?) So I will be asking A LOT of questions but I'm narrowing it down to Halloween and Haunted Mansion. DLP and TDL have an overwelming amount to catch up on for someone who has 3 from one park and 5 from the other.

Oh and finally I'm not new, I've been lurking for a long time and used to post under the name Katybug, but can't remember my password. So yea, thank goodness for you guys, you rock!


Okey Dokey, I guess no one had the answer, or wanted to answer :- So let me try again:

After a little research I came up with TDL Halloween CD Released:

2003 (with both the '02 and '03 show included)

I'm going to guess that is it in the way of Halloween cds.

Magic Kingdom just released their Event CD which has some Halloween stuff on it. Thats it from WDW or DL.

I couldn't find much on DLP but the "Halloween-Halloween" CD is the only one?

For Haunted Mansion I have the non-999 30th release which has as much on it as any Haunted Mansion CD that has been released. This there anything I should keep a look out for regarding the HM other then the Holiday cd or the tracks that are on some of the compilation cds? (I think I have every GGG available ;D)

Can anyone tell me if my collection is missing anything from the park's officially release Halloween cds or HM? Thanks a bunch!

*ones I own!


DLP has a single cd with halloween-lo-ween and the instrumental version
and then the later years they included halloween-lo-ween and a few remixes of it

and before that song there was the halloween-halloween(it's a different song) that was released

that's the end of tokyo halloween parade cds. before that I think they just used "This is Halloween" straight from the soundtrack in 2000 and i forget what from 2001, but it was mostly just a cavalcade.


"and before that song there was the halloween-halloween(it's a different song) that was released"

At DLP or another park? Was it released on one of the compilation CDs?

"before that I think they just used "This is Halloween" straight from the soundtrack in 2000 and i forget what from 2001"

"This is Halloween" from Nightmare before xmas?

Thanks a bunch for the information!!! :)


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Ok, you've got all the TDL ones listed. Even though they started the Halloween events earlier, the only CD releases have been since 2003.

There is a new "Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare" CD that also came out at TDL this year. I don't have mine yet, but for the most part, the audio is very similar to the Disneyland version. Still, it's worth it if you collect that stuff.

Magic Kingdom's newest CD is the only official release of anything from the US parks in the way of Halloween.

The 30th Anniversary HM CD is pretty much the best you're going to get as far as Official CD's. However, there is a slightly better mix on the 6 disc "A Musical History of Disneyland" boxed set. Also, the only thing you're missing by not having the 999 limited version of the HM 30th CD, is one track, and it's not worth tracking it down for that, unless you're a hardcore collector.

The later versions of the HM CD's that are currently availible at the parks, are identical to your 30th version, just with different cover art.

As for Disneyland Paris, there have been a few Halloween releases. The first one was "Halloween-Halloween" in 1999. It has 2 tracks. "Halloween-Halloween", and the instrumental version. the vocal track can also be found on the original "Frontierland, En Musique" CD. Then, there was the "It's Halloween-Lo-Ween" CD that came out in 2003. It's a new song, and there are 2 tracks on this as well (the vocal version, and instrumental). These 2 tracks are on the current "Frontierland, en Musique" CD. Finally, there was a newer version of this single released in 2005 with 8 tracks total (All of them are variations on the song, with Asian, Reggae, Rock, Country, and Techno, etc. themes).

I think that's pretty much it for official Halloween and HM stuff so far.


Ben . . .you so totally rock my Disney music world right now, those are EXACTLY the answers I was looking for! :eek:

My big final question about Halloween/Haunted Mansion is how HMH compares to HMHN, but I asked that on another post.

I would like to consider myself a Hardcore collector but I just don't have the funding to be hardcore so I have to pick and choose. Hence the questions, I'm just trying to see what is worth my money and what I can put off. Or what I should buy before I buy something that say, only adds 1 track to my library but costs $400. (That could buy a lot of CDs I don't have.)

Ok I just searched for Halloween-Lo-Ween on google and found Disneyland Resort Paris CD Archive, that will help answer a TON of questions and keep me from bugging you guys. (Does anyone know of something like that for DL, WDW and TDL?)

I really don't want to be a pest so if you can suggest any list or website that would answer my more basic questions I'll gladly study that and come here with more specific questions and not waste your time. ;D

Thank you thank you to everyone who has answered me!


This Year's TDL Halloween CD is one of the best... since this year's parade is FABULOUS!!! "One more ghost! One more ghost!" very catchy tune, and the guests love the hand dance in the show mode.


I thoroughly enjoy the concept for this year's parade, so clever! The music was easy on the ears too! ;D

I may now *ahem* own all the TDL Halloween cd *cough* I seriously have the most understanding husband (who is a non-disney fan) ever!

I saw a listing for Tokyo Disneyland Haunted Mansion on amazon, do you guys suppose that is TDL:HMH? I'm still on the fence whether or not I'm going to get TDL HMH now or later . . .I'll probably just get it now, so I don't have to worry about finding it later!

I'm still compiling my list of missing cds, but I've found posts that either list all of the cds or point me in a good direction.

*le sigh* I should have bought more of them years ago.


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"The later versions of the HM CD's that are currently availible at the parks, are identical to your 30th version, just with different cover art."

I need to amend this statement, since, apparently, the newere Haunted Mansion CD's sold at the parks omit the Disneyland Paris Phantom Manor track. So, it's definately worth tracking down the 30th Anniversary version for that track.

Oh, and I replied about the differences between DL's HMH, and TDL's HMHN (sheesh, enough acronyms?), and I'll post it below.

As to the differences between the TDL HMH, and the DL version. They are different enough to take a look. The Scarols are identical, so the only track worth your time is the HMHN ride-thru. The narration is all in Japanese. Jack Skellington's dialogue is also in Japanese. Madame Leota is in English. the library scene is there (which is not at DL), with Sally, and Ooogie Boogie, and the harpsicord playing. The edits are a bit different, and the ending of the attraction seems different too. You can hear "Sandy Claws" saying "Merry Christmas", and Sally's replies. Most of the attraction is the same though. Since TDL's Haunted Mansion is pretty much a carbon copy of WDW's, just think of what would happen if HMH were at WDW, and you get the idea here.

Now, as for websites that list CD's from other resorts, the Disneyland Paris CD archive is a great find. I'm not really sure about any for the US resorts. I have not found a good one yet. This site used to have an archive, but has since disappeared (and hadn't been updated since 1999 anyway). As for the Tokyo parks, Yoshi, who is a regular poster here has a GREAT site called "Resort at Home", which is the best english site I've found for anything Tokyo Disney Resort related. He has ALL of the CD's so far, and it's an invaluable resource. The site is


thanks for posting Ben! I'm really lucky that I got the original PotC and HM years ago, so I don't have to track down the 30th anniversary one. I highly recommend that version too, the Phantom Manor track is beautiful!

My husband (the non-disney guy, although he will put up with my love of it) WANTS to go to DL for HMH :) He is in school right now, so we probably won't go until next year, but I'm excited he wants to go to DL without twisting his arm. We went for the 50th anniversary last year for a marathon week and he was DONE after that! ;D