Tapestry of Nations at the 2000 Super Bowl


Do you all remember the Tapestry of Nations production that was performed at the 2000 Super Bowl? Well I downloaded the video of it today and I just LOVE it! The arrangements are great! I just love how they tied it all up together in a medley.

Anyway, was the audio ever realized on a CD? I?ve seen Super Bowl productions on CD?s before but I haven't found this one yet. Any info would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much!


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The closest release to the Millenium Super Bowl Half-time spectacular is the Energizer Millenium sample CD. This CD was a free gift when Energizer batteries were purchased. It is a 17 minute track and includes a taste of all the Millenium music written by Galvin Greenway. It is pretty much the basic format of the half-time spectacular. The major difference compared to the official release is that there is a lot of chorus vocals, especially during the inferno portion of Reflections of Earth. This Energizer CD is avialable on Ebay quite often. Great CD though! I hope this helps. The Millenium Celebration and WDW's 25th Anniversary are my favorite park celebrations musically speaking. Thanks!

Parker A. Perry