Suspicious Disneyland Forever cd on ebay

Dr. Know

There is currently an item up for auction on ebay described as a "Disneyland Forever" cd with the following tracks (Item #2237316296)

Track 1: Peoplemover Theme

Track 2: Space Mountain [Show Music]

Track 3: Miracles from Molecules [Space Mountain Concourse Area Music]

Track 4: Monorail Song [Space Mountain Concourse Area Music]

Track 5: Com Chat [Space Mountain Concourse Area Effect]

Track 6: Another Part of Me [Instrumental] [Captain EO Exit]

Track 7: Star Tours [Show Music]

Track 8: Honey I Shrunk the Audience [Queue Music]

Track 9: Honey I Shrunk the Audience [Entrance Music]

Track 10: Honey I Shrunk the Audience [Exit Music]

Track 11: Carrousel of Progress [Full Show]

Now, I'm pretty sure that a number of these tracks were never available on Disneyland Forever, so I'm assuming this is some kind of scam. Any ideas? I would love to know what the HISTA queue music track consists of...


X-S Tech

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Hmmm... Interesting. Definately not authentic cause most of that stuff WASN'T offered. That's not even the correct cover (though IMO it's a little nicer). Looks like he's trying to stay under Disney's radar by trying to look authentic though. Seems to do pretty well for himself though. Pull up all auctions by that seller and be sure to include completed items.


That particular auction has now been pulled, but yes I know of some Russian MP3 (non-Disney) CDs that continue to be listed & sold. See 4007303677 for example. I have reported them a number of times but they never get cancelled; I've given up worrying now.


Dr. Know

Actually, the auction appears not to have been pulled... and I emailed the seller to ask about the disc and didn't get a response (no surprise there).

Eddie Valiant

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The CD is a complete fake. First, the cover art is entirely different from the two styles that were offered. It looks like he pulled that artwork from a park map. Second, and more obvious, is the fact that the CD contains 11 tracks while the Disneyland Forever system only gave you 10. Third, half the tracks offered on the CD were never available as part of the DLF offerings. Sad part is that the winning bidder offered up $86.00 for this thing!

Eddie V.


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Stuff like that goes on all over eBay. Disney gets hit hard because there are so many collectors. Ever see the items offered by "MsTinker?" They're all the On Demand stuff, edited and changed and sold as "pre production." Basically, they're bootlegs. When savy potential customers send e-mails to find out more information, she says they're harrassing him/her and are "jealous" of all the things he/she sells. if said customer puts in negative feedback, he/she fights back with SEETHING feedback. MsTinker recently changed his/her name (I'm sorry but I don't have the new name) but the legacy continues.

And eBay and Disney know and have done NOTHING about it.



Ms. Tinker got into a nasty email exchange with me a few years back when she (he?) was selling a "scan" (touted as a real picture) of the Hatbox Ghost I dug up from the files at WDI back in the late 90s & used in the "E" Ticket mag...
She's really scary and agressive - I just give up dealing with the hard core types...
You just have to be resigned to the fact that if you put something out there (audio or photo) - someone's gonna try & steal it & some will try & sell it too...


X-S Tech

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Yeah I emailed her a couple times too. Kinda fun, asking direct questions you already know the answers to but playing real ignorant just to see how far she'll go to lie to you.