Susan Egan performs live at DL 9/13

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Does anyone know anything about this? Ms. Egan (the Original Broadway Belle) performed at the Tomorrowland Terrace (Club Buzz actually) last night. I couldn't find any CM's at the park who knew why she was there or who she was performing for.


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Not necessarily...sometimes people do gigs because they're selling out to The Man. Money is money. And then they do the GOOD gigs too .

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Money is Money - every actor has to pay his / her bills.

Also I think it has to be pointed out that Susan Egan, while very well known among Disney music fans, is everything but a big star.

Nowadays a "big Broadway star" is really, really rare - there are TV and movie stars who make a beeline to the Broadway for a short term engagement, yes, but a true nation wide star from Broadway? Not really in sight.

There are some Broadway actors / actresses who have nation-wide success on the screen and there are those which are stars on Broadway among the Broaway crowd. But even so I like her work I would not qualify Susan Egan as either. Besides in Beauty and the Beast she has not yet really convinced the crowds on Broaway - but that is necessary to be called a star. Till you manage that you are, unfortunately, at best only a great, outstanding performer struggling to pay the bills.

well.........we all know what happened to the career of POPPA DO RUN RUN after they sarted performing at the SPACE PLACE in 1977.........or the Rhodes Kids after their
"family-style" presentations at the TOMORROWLAND TERRACE at WDW.........Sonny Elclipse even asked to have a contract clause before he started performing there! Plectu ----of the renowned "Plectu's Fantastic Galactic Revue" canceled after hearing about the "Tomorrowland Band Curse"...........