Surprise in the Skies

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I was listening to John Debney's exciting 'Air Battle' from Surprise in the Skies that is played at the Fountain of Nations in Epcot.... and was wondering: what exactly was 'Surprise in the Skies': I seem to remember reading that it was some kind of daytime fireworks show, but there seem to be few details available.

Here are my questions:
When and where was Surprise in the Skies presented?
How long was it?
Is there any more music available other than 'Air Battle'

Thanks in advance to anyone can point me in the right direction :)


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You're right about it being a daytime fireworks show. It was presented for WDW's 20th Anniversary. It played on EPCOT's World Showcase Lagoon. I'm not sure how long it was, but I think it was around 20 minutes, anybody know? There were people on jet skis and hang gliders. The characters were out on the water, and there were giant inflatable character baloons at each country's pavillion (like the Party Gras baloons). Then there were the fireworks and colored smoke stuff.

Something I noticed about the "Surprise in the Skies" tracks...I was listening to the "Mickey's Show" track, and noticed part of it bears a VERY strong resemblance to the Tokyo DisneySea theme song. Has anybody else noticed this? It's almost identical.

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Yes, I noticed that resemblance, too!-- I have to assume that the same composer recycled his unused material for Tokyo DisneySea.

Thanks for the info about Surprise in the Skies. Anyone else have something to add? I guess there was never a full recording of the show (live or otherwise...)?


Dr Know,

Clik on that link to see some pictures from that show.....hope it helps.....


I remember seeing the show back then. The characters came in flying in motorized parasailing crafts and circled overhead during the opening act. The 2nd act included a ballet of flying kites similar to the one seen towards the end of TDS' Porto Paradiso Carnival, and it was here that we heard the music forementioned above that plays in the Future World fountain daily. Then at the end of the show, huge balloons of the characters would pop out of giant "jack-in-the-boxes" stationed around the WS Lagoon, with the grand finale featuring daytime rainbow-colored fireworks that were somewhat difficult to appreciate due to the blazing sun in Florida. I believe the show lasted for just under the duration of the 20th anniversary, though I heard a rumor that an accident occured backstage with one of the flying parasails and that was it for the show. Can't confirm that one for sure.

This show of course, is not to be confused with the *other* water show at EPCOT called Skyleidoscope, which was performed for about a year or so during the 15th anniversary celebration if memory serves me right.