Super Duper Jumpin Time Castle Show


Hi everyone!! :)
Hope you're all doing well! Has anyone by chance seen a video of the new Super Duper castle show from TDL? I'm really excited to see it because I was VERY fortunate to get to arrange two segments of the show ? "Exercise" (the zany Mickey Mouse Club March segment) and the guest participation segment (Cinderella medley and the releasing of the dreams)!! I'm hoping Joe will post it on his site. Just thought I'd see if any of you had seen it yet. Thanks so much!
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oh wow, congratulations. I didn't know you got more work from, I can't wait to hear it, and see it.


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I wish I could be as ecstatic about this release as most of the posters in this thread. I would love to buy this release but I just can?t support the model of compressed music with DRM, especially since it will only be available to a small segment of the population.

I have nothing but respect for the work that Randy Thornton does and wish him success but this distribution scheme seems a step backwards in quality that I have come to expect from digital music.

This music needs to be lossless, DRM free and available in every iTunes market.

I do applaud the addition of downloadable liner notes and art. That is definitely a step in the right direction regarding quality. I hope that eventually the label will take the next step and truly replace physical distribution with downloadable distribution by making the quality and the availability to what we already have in a CD release.

I look forward to the time when I can own this great music in a DRM free and lossless form.


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Yeah, I think your post was meant for the iTunes thread. I was confused at first, wondering what release you meant for a TDL show, but it soon made sense. As for the iTunes stuff, do we even know that it's not loosless, or DRM free? Doesn't iTunes now ask you if you would like to have your downloads DRM free? I know that the last time I downloaded something, it asked me that.