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Hello everyone,

Sorry if this is a question that's been asked a few thousand times before, but I couldn't find this information in the archives. Does anyone have a complete list of the songs played in DCA's Sunshine Plaza (the entrance area)? I'd really like to have all these songs on one CD, and from what I've heard from the rumor mill, it sounds like Walt Disney Records won't be releasing them on CD anytime soon because of the rights issues (but if I'm wrong, please let me know).
Thanks in advance.


The tracks are:

[Content removed to avoid duplication. See completed playlist. —Admin]

I also have one question for anyone out there who might know, where is the clip from "Feels Alright" played?


"Feels Alright" is played during the rope-drop announcement at DCA, and as far as I know, that's it.

I think one of the other times this came up, someone also said it was played at the Grand Opening festivities last year, but I'm not certain of that.


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That's the whole loop? You've got to be kidding me? That short? Is it me or does it seem incomplete? - The WeirdOne :D


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It really is that short -- I could have told you the loop from memory, just having walked back and forth through there into the park! It is great music, though. Perhaps they will add some more songs in the future -- they did so for the loop that plays in the Taste Pilot's Grill.

It used to be about half an hour (seemingly, anyway). Just when I had the loop down, they added a few more songs to the mix a few months back (all in the same flying theme).

Anyways... :)


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Does anyone have the complete list of the music they play in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area? If anyone has the regular version and the music tracks they play at Christmas time, that would help me out a lot. Thanks.


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Would anyone happen to have a full playlist for the BGM that plays in the main entrance plaza of California Adventure?

I've heard mostly Beach Boys music, but I know there must be more to the loop.


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