SUMMER MAGIC cd track question

hey, THANKS to a good pal, I got a few of the Wonderland CDs. One of them is "Summer Magic"...the back of the CD lists 9 tracks; however, the cd actually contains 12 tracks!

this is what I figured out:

1) Summer Magic Overture
2) ??
3) Flitterin'
4) Beautiful Beulah
5) Ugly Bug Ball
6) Pink of Perfection
7) Summer Magic
8) Beautiful Beulah (???)
9) Femininity
10) Flitterin' (???)
11) On the Front Porch
12) Finale

Why the second recordings (and there IS a difference)?
One sounds like it's from the movie, itself, while the other sounds like it was a studio recording (for a single?)

ANY help would be appreciated! I need to know how to label them!!




I know what happened. The officially released LP for Summer Magic included only the 9 tracks as listed on the CD. When the masters were pulled for the CD released, they used the original master which contained 12 tracks. The master was prepared with 12 tracks but edited down to 9 tracks by the time it was released on LP. So what we get is actually the complete, unedited, never-before-released master. This might have been a mistake by Randy. ;)
I'm glad this mistake was made though! I like it when we are under-promised and over-delivered!
Your friend,
Louis Gonzalez


Actually, the original SUMMER MAGIC LP did have all those extra tracks. Because there were only a few songs in the film, I guess Tutti decided to arrange more than one cut of "Flitterin'" and "Beautiful Beulah." If you listen closely, you'll notice that the Hayley Mills / Eddie Hodges vocals are identical in the twin versions. Also, the second track on Side One is called "Railroad Rag," and is an instrumental version of "Beaulah" that always reminded me of TV game show music! The album cover was never correct about the song listings. The only explanation might be that the art department did not have the correct information but had to proceed anyway. The CD reproduces the cover exactly as it was and that's why it is incorrect.
Hope this helps!
The original LP has all 12 cuts - no reprise is listed on the LP cover (nor are track numbers), every song is listed only once, everything is correct on the vinyl label. None of the tracks on this album are original soundtrack, all were re-recorded by Camarata and original cast for the LP (same for Babes in Toyland).

1 OVERTURE Orchestra
2 RAILROAD RAG Orchestra
3 FLITTERIN? Hayley Mills and Eddie Hodges
4 BEAUTIFUL BEULAH Hayley Mills and Eddie Hodges
6 PINK OF PERFECTION Hayley Mills and Eddie Hodges
7 SUMMER MAGIC Marilyn Hooven
8 Reprise BEAUTIFUL BEULAH Hayley Mills, Eddie Hodges, Chorus
9 FEMININITY Hayley Mills, Deborah Walley, Wendy Turner
10 Reprise FLITTERIN? Hayley Mills, Eddie Hodges, Chorus
12 FINALE Orchestra and Chorus
Marilyn Hoooven is singing for Dorothy MacGuire on the LP and in the film (as I assume she did on My Heart is an Island in Swiss Family Robinson - since it sounds like the same voice, anyway).
Marilyn Hooven was doing quite a bit of work (usually uncredited) for Disneyland Records in those days. Unfortunately, unlike many of our previous success stories, when Greg and I attempted to contact her for THE STORY OF DISNEYLAND RECORDS, we were told by her daughter that Ms. Hooven is in deteriorated health and no longer able to answer any questions about her career. A sad situation to be sure. (The same applies to Bob Grabeau, who sang in the "second cast" albums of BABES IN TOYLAND and LADY & THE TRAMP, and is now an Alzheimer's patient in a nursing home. Tragic.)