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Trent, I think it might be helpful if you broke up the board into just a couple of forums to control posting traffic a little better (now that you have the functionality). Not suggesting anything major, but I'd recommend

- Disney Music Discussion (your general music talk like the old board)
- Just Conversation (off topic stuff)
- Suggestions & Comments (feedback stuff for the forum)

With this type of subject matter, you don't want to get too compartimentalized, but this might be helpful in growing the community and keeping things organized.

(I do this community mangement stuff for a living, so I apologize if I'm stepping on any shoes or bringing up ideas that you've already thought of. Thanks again for the board improvement!)

- Steve


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- Disney Music Discussion (your general music talk like the old board)
- Just Conversation (off topic stuff)
- Suggestions & Comments (feedback stuff for the forum)

Steve, it sounds like a GREAT idea in theory, but unfortunately, it rarely STAYS that way. Conversations flow and suddenly instead of talking about the 13th track on the Haunted Mansion CD, you're talking about the local college football game or somesuch. And to MOVE the conversation to the "other room" is difficult at say nothing of being as annyoing as all out when people suggest it. I've been on both sides of the rope on this a "Topic Cop" on GEnie and MSN, and as a Chatter From Hell who can make non-topical balderdash out of virtually anything .

IMHO You could also think of :
- General Complaints about the Mouse (a good place to rant without messing with the flow of conversation)
- Where to Purchase Disney Music (For the often asked ?'s of importers and online retailers.)

These two topics are content related with what posting history I have seen on the board. I had also thought of a new releases categaory but I didn't want to have to many places to check!

..or you also could have [glow=red,2,300]JEFF'S Lies and Fables[/glow] .. Ive saved some of my "work" for i mean.. posterity... wanna read about Wal/Main Street or Light Magic again? ::)

my 0.02
[shadow=red,left,300]Jeff in Orange County[/shadow]

PS Love the new toys!!!!!!


Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I want to think this one over befor implementing new categories.

Sharon, you have a good point - I know how annoying it can be to see a topic veer off in a different direction and have an over-zealous moderator move or close the topic.

I do think, however, that a couple extra categories are a good idea. That way, if you know from the outset that you want to discuss your vacation to Disney World or debate whether Michael Eisner should move on, you can start the post in a category other than Disney Music. On the other hand, if a topic starts out Disney Music related and goes on to discuss something entirely different, I don't think it should necessarily be moved or closed.

Anyway, what I've come to realize over the past week and a half is that we've got a GREAT community here! Let's encourage its growth by opening up new ways and topics of communication. Disney Music will always be the backbone of this site but there's no reason that we can't have a seperate area to discuss other stuff.



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I think one of the things I liked most about this forum before is that it was usually so on topic. Sure, there would be the occasional rant or off topic discussion, but I've never seen a discussion forum that has been as sane and informative as this one.

I think if you diversify too much by adding all kinds of different categories, then you run the risk of becoming just another Disney message board. You might as well become part of or I love the fact that this forum is dedicated to Disney Music.


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I think the discussion board will be fine as is, but if you need to change it, how about:

A separate forum for those of us who are into Disney soundtracks

and one for those of us who are into Park Music....

I mention this because as a member of the former, it would be easier to skip over discussions on Park Music which don't really interest me that much... but , hey, I'm flexible... ;)


(okay, 8 more posts to go... )


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Yes, I see what you mean. If a user knows, from the get go, that he/she is going to post something that's not particularly related to Disney Music, it COULD go into a 'different" category to begin with. it's just the "flow of conversation" messages that I'm concerned about...especially as one who is an EXPERT at flowing conversation .


I miss your "stories!"



Trent, thanks for your consideration on this idea, and everyone else... good input on the pros/cons of separate forums. Gotta love this community! :)
Thanks Sharon,
Me too.. I'll have to share more of my current "writings" later with the group.. it's interesting.

Anyway, I see what Steve is suggesting and second it.
Most points are on topic and its only a few .. ahem.. who feel the need to rant on at times. And since there are many of us who like both park music and Soundtracks, I'd like to throw in that we keep'em together. If you have a Where to buy page or topic bpoard it gives a place for newbies to exercise their buying power.
Nuff said