streaming audio of 2 78rpm MMC records


Hey, now. has a section this month on obscure kiddie show records. If you scroll halfway down thw page, you'll find some streaming audio to a 78 rpm MICKEY MOUSE CLUB release. This is the copy on the page.



The Mickey Mouse Club
This children's show changed the face of kid vid, replacing the wild, uncontrolled antics found on the Howdy Doody & Pinky Lee shows with a more low-key, lightly educational approach.

A slew of Mouseketeers record albums and 78 singles were released in conjunction with the afternoon series and they were enormously popular. These mid-fifties recordings were noted for their first-rate orchestrations and arrangements, as you would expect from Disney.

The MMC March

Mouseketeers Song

Here's the alternate version of the Mickey Mouse Club March, the one with Donald Duck in the mix.

Another release:
We're the Mouseketeers
These tunes were intended to introduce youngsters to the concept of different cultures around the world.

Hi To You (Around the World)
Teaching baby boomers how to say hello in various languages, then ending with the TV show's closing theme.
Quite interesting...ive never heard the "alternate"MMC march w/ Donald Duck....i know "we're the mouseketeers" ended up appearing on the official LP... would be nice to see the "original cast" LP reissued on cd since it was the mickey mouse club along with the Disneyland tv show that helped get Disneyland rolling .....come to thinnk of it the MM club aired in OCT 1955......any hopes of a 50th set to commemorate them?