Steadycam/Glidecam at the Parks


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Does any of you all videographer and photographs fanatics has ever brought to Disneyland or Walt Disney World a steadycam (specifically, a Glidecam), which are camera stabilizers inside the park´s rides and shows?

I will be going to Disneyland Resort in late January, but as I have never seen this gear ever used at the theme parks I have the big doubt that I may not be allowed to bring them inside (maybe for safety reasons or because I look kinda pro with them). I contacted Disneyland to see if I got an official response from them, but they just sent me a letter with which cameras were allowed and nothing about the stabilizer.

I want to know, if I could get inside the parks this: Glidecam´s HD-1000 and Glidecam´s Body-Pod for that stabilizer. My camera is a Sony HVR-A1U.





If any of you are or were cast members and specially those at the entrance´s Security Check points I would like to know before I go o the parks any answer on this. Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks and have a nice day!