What exactly was this show? I've heard a clip of the music and it sounds like TDL's "It's Magical". The vocals are slightly different but the orchestra track sounds the same. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Is there a recording floating around out there? Thanks!!!

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I videotaped it when we visited WDW circa 1997 (or was it '98?). Didn't like the show very much, I have to admit. Show took place at what is now the big fountain by Pin Central. Theme was, "everyone is happy and talking and singing about colors, then an AA monster/dinosaur comes out of the area that is now the side of the now-defunct Ice Station Cool, everyone is scared, then whatever Disneyesque magic you have within you (pick one....imagination, happiness, whatever) gets rid of the monster and everyone is happy again and singing about colors." Typical Disney fare, with bright colors (lots of turquoise, orange, pink and yellow) and daytime fireworks. Had quite a few walkabout characters as well as dancers in the show.

I know one person who did some of the voicework on the show, but I don't even know what she did in it.

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I remember seeing the show back in 1998 as well... Mickey Mouse "conducted" the fountains to dance and change colours... and the Robot Monster thingy that was lurking in the foliage came out, stole all the colour out of this world. Then everyone fought back with sceptors that shot off mini fireworks (loved those costumes the guys were wearing). And the finale was the Robot Monster Thingy was destroyed, the fountains came back to life with colour and a bunch of inflatable stationary balloons came to life on the building behind the fountains.

I thought it was cute... but in retrospect corny. AND I saw it during the day, so the colour elements were almost lost on me... until a friend of mine clued me in halfway through the show.



Hi Rick. I believe this show also uses a variation of "Join In" from Tokyo Disneyland.

"our Fountains Magic, Mickey Deserves a Hand "Clap, Clap", its liquid magic and its better then any land,, join in, join in the feelin, join in stay for a while.... " The best part was when mickeys said "Now lets see what this future world fountain can really do!" and then rises about the fountain and conducts the water in his (as Sharron puts it) Disney ORANGE jump suite (looks like an old costume from Eltons Johns old shows. JOIN IN!



So Splashtacular was that show with that weird dinosaur thing? I had a picture of that thing somewhere, and I remember that part of the show and have been wondering what that was for years now. I remember going in the store behind it and trying to see the dino from inside. This was in the early 90s though, did it really run until 1997?

I got this blurb from www.WaltDatedWorld.com

Splashtacular was actually based on a Tokyo Disneyland show called "It's Magical: Tokyo Disneyland 10th Anniversary Spectacular". The premise of the show was that Sorcerer Mickey took classic Disney characters and the audience though a world of color. Maleficent then shows up and takes the colors away. She turns into a dragon and Mickey battles her (like in Fantasmic) to bring color back to the world.
The Epcot version of this show premiered in 1994 and was held in the large fountain behind Spaceship Earth. In addition to a name change, Mickey's costume was changed to a futuristic style. As with the Tokyo Disneyland show, the characters started out with a tribute to colors. Minnie sang about the shade of pink. Chip and Dale liked green. Pluto and Goofy's favorite colors were yellow and orange. Donald was partial to blue. The music and most of the costumes were the same as the Tokyo Disneyland show, although the villains became robotic bad guys with a dinosaur-like mechanical monster.
The show featured nearly 50 performers and also a giant inflatable rainbow balloon. The computer-controlled fountain was capable of sending jets of rainbow-colored water high into the air (up to 150 feet) and synchronizing action with symphonic music.
Splashtacular didn't last very long. The show may have been canceled because it created pedestrian traffic jams and if it was windy, the audience and the actors would get drenched!

I remember they had to close off either sides of the fountain walk way to perform the show, what a mess! They should have did it in World Showcase Lagoon Like Bravisimo! at Tokyo Disney Seas!
Yes it was all the same.
I liked it better when it was just "It's Magical." "Splashtacular" was a watered-down (BAD PUN) duplicate of "It's Magical" and nothing more...

Luckily, the "It's Magical" theme was revisited and re-imagined by its composer, Greg Smith,
for the 2009 Disneyland summer fireworks spectacular called, well, "Magical."