Splash Mountain WDW Queue Music

Hey everyone, i have the 16 tracks from WDW's Splash Mountain Queue Music (from the WDW Forever tracklisting) and am now looking for 10 more. I think they are unreleased. If anyone has these, please email me at Fishsnacher@aol.com or IM me on AIM at Fishsnacher. I am trying to reconstruct the actual loop at WDW.

These are the 10 missing tracks i need:

01 - Little Brown Jug **
02 - Shortenin' Bread **
03 - Polly Wolly Doodle **
04 - Froggy Went A Courtin' **
05 - Shoo Fly (Don't Bother Me) **
06 - Goober Peas **
07 - How Do You Do08 - Let the Rain Pour Down
09 - Laughing Place
10 - Song of the South

11 - Camptown Races **
12 - Dixie
13 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot **
14 - When Johnny Comes Marching Home **
15 - That's What Uncle Remus Said
16 - Sooner or Later
17 - Who Wants to Live
18 - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
19 - Coming 'Round the Mountain

20 - Ol' MacDonald **
21 - Skip To My Lou **
22 - Freight Train Blues **
23 - Wabash Cannon Ball **
24 - St. James Infirmary **
25 - Tennessee Waltz **
26 - Show Me the Way (To Go Home) **



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Seven of those I've seen on MB, no clue as to the others. Maybe they were not released but on the WDWF system.

Good luck with your project!


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I thought I saw "Let the Rain Poor Down", "Laughing Place", "Song of the South", "Uncle Remus Said", "Sooner or Later", "Who Wants to Live", and "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" in the DLR retrospectives or SM torrent. Maybe it was a different version?


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Those perhaps. But not the seven songs Forever Magic II is in search of. These were not released on the WDWF system. There are also used in TDL, however.
Horizons is 100% correct, the versions of these songs that were posted on MB were from Disneyland's Music Loop. The versions i am hunting for is WDW's versions, same names of the song but the music contains harmonicas,fiddles,banjos,and more instrumentals. The DL versions are more classical music variations and came from the movie Song Of The Sout. WDW's sound more frontierish, like Bluegrass.

Hope this helps.


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Oh, I see.

I didn't realize they had different versions. I actually prefer the bluegrass sound better.


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To be honest, I've never really heard this loop. However, when I first heard the WDWF, they seemed to be the DLF ones. Weren't these tracks originally released on the WDWF system? I am very confused here.
The 10 files i am referring to are UNRELEASED by WDI. Some have the same name as DL's, but the instrumentals are different. These tracks are the ones in WDW's loop that were re-recorded. Cany anyone else, help me explain these, i am a newbie at this.


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As I posted in a previous thread, and which is copied above, the WDW Splash Mountain BGM is comprised of 26 tracks. Of these, 16 were released on WDWF. Recall, there were over 40 Splash Mountain tracks on WDWF, but the majority are not specific to WDW. So that leaves 10 that were not officially released. Note, even though the track names of the missing tracks are the same as those released on WDWF, the versions are different.

Of these 10, seven, I believe, were used in TDL's Splash Mountain BGM. So if one had a recording of the TDL loop, only three tracks would be missing. To my knowledge, these three tracks were not used in any other Disney park (I could be wrong here). So unless one had an induction recording or source copy of the WDW Splash Mountain BGM, I don't think the loop can be reconstructed. I have never tried an induction recording, but there are a few accessible speakers if one were inclined to do so.