"Spirited Away" soundtrack

Though technically not a "Disney" film, Japanese director/animator Hayao Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" is being released in the United States by Walt Disney Studios, thereby putting it under the "Disney umbrella." My son's interest in Japanese animation initially got me interested in the film, as well as Disney's involvement(John Lasseter served as the creative consultant for the English-dubbed version). We also have previously enjoyed Miyazaki's earlier "Princess Mononoke".
"Spirited Away" was apparently released on September 20, but has yet to make it to our corner of Maine--but fortunately the score has, and I just wanted to recommend it to everyone. Joe Hisaishi has created a wonderful score, which he also did previously with "Princess Mononoke." The music is beautiful, so I'm anticipating a similar visual experience in the theater! Anyway, just wanted to be sure everyone was aware of some great music currently available--has anyone seen the film yet? Mike. P. S. Just can't resist saying this--don't look for it in the Disney Store!
I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. I must admit, this is my first Anime movie that I've seen, but I think Disney made a good decision by being the distributer of this film.


But it's long... Although you don't really feel the time flying buy, and it's FAR from boring, you're in that theatre for quite some time. I think It's like 2:20 or something like that.

I got to see it in the El Capitan Theatre with a lot of kids. The kids liked it as much as I did. Keep in mind that there are some pretty intense moments for the young, so use your best judgement as to how young a child you should be bringing.

If it arrives in your town, make sure you see it at a theatre that will DIGITALLY PROJECT the film. I've seen it presented on both film and digital, and it's amazing what the difference is with digital!
Speaking of which version to see.... Most all theatres that have the film will have the two versions of it. They will play dubbed during certain times and Subtitles during other times, so make sure you check with the theatre to get the correct times for either dubbed or subbed.

Geez.... remembering the dubbed... Susanne Plechette (sp?) did a WONDERFUL job as the two old women (Granny and ????)
Thanks to everyone for your inputs about the film--as I mentioned earlier, it has yet to even come to Maine! My wife did some checking into it a little further, and apparently other people are upset over what appears to be a somewhat spotty release of the film to theaters--there are even some accusations of Disney seemingly almost sabotaging the film's success because of this. I'll be waiting and checking into it further.....Mike.



hey buddy!

SPIRITED AWAY is currently showing in 151 theatres, up 13 from the previous week, and has currently banked $3.4 million in 5 weeks, but it isn't playing in my neighborhood. I think it is just a "tough sell" outside of metro areas.