Spectromagic Preshow Announcements


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The show is preceded by two announcements, which have changed over time.

10 Minute Announcement

This announcement is narrated by Jiminy Cricket and runs 1:17.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Spectromagical host, Jiminy Cricket! Everybody in the Magic Kingdom welcomes you. You know, somehow Disney fantasy seems a little more alive at night. In fact, it was Walt's favorite time in the park. Come along with us, to see the magic worlds of Disney. Wait to you see the worlds of music, from the Silly Symphonies, to the wonder of Sleeping Beauty's garden, the fantasy of the Little Mermaid's ocean, the imagination of Fantasia, and the world of dreams in a grand Disney cavalcade. Just wait to you see it in a bright new way one light at a time. The magic starts in ten minutes."

5 Minute Announcement

This announcement is narrated by a female announcer and Jiminy Cricker, with a run time of 2:13.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, in five minutes you will be experiencing our unique musical and light spectacular, Spectromaigic. In order for you to fully experience tonight's presentation, the Magic Kingdom lighting will be reduced. We recommend for your own safety and convenience that you enjoy the performance by remaining in one location until the lighting returns to normal. We also ask for the safety of our performers, that you refrain from the use of video camera lighting." A Spanish safety warning spiel follows, after which the female announcer says "And now, here's your host, Jiminy Cricket!"

"Good evening folks and a big welcome from Jiminy Cricket! I just have to say that nighttime is my favorite time in the Magic Kingdom. But, well, what do you expect from a cricket like me (laughter and throat clearing)! And when you see Spectromagic, well sir, you'll know just what I mean. I think this place truly is magic. It all starts in just a few minutes."