Spaceship Earth


Composer Bruce Broughton, wrote, conducted, composed and mastered his original score for the Future World attraction, Spaceship Earth, in 2007.

It is located in Future World Central at EPCOT Center in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The attraction opened on October 1, 1982. It stars Dame Judy Dench, as the voice of our narrator thru the history of communication on this ride.

Bruce Broughton recorded a moving and touching type of score for this attraction.

The attraction consists of a slow moving vehicle, a “Time Machine”, which takes us back to the days of the ice age and the cave man.

The attraction is presented by Siemens.

The ride lasts about 20 minutes.

Throughout the ride, we see the various eras of communication and how it was born. From cave wall drawings to ancient egypt to even the renaissance period with Yohan Guttenberg, who invented the movable type printing press.

We then arrive at the present age and end the ride with a touch screen questionnaire and video, showcasing futuristic ideas happening now and soon that will ease our life and simplify our daily jobs.

A medley of Bruce Broughtons score, from this attraction, has been released. This attraction is located ONLY in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The attraction consists of about 20 tracks. I love the music from this attraction. It is very emotional and beautiful. Aside from the standard orchestral instruments and choir, Bruce Broughton used the following instruments for his score to this attraction. a duduk, krumhorn, lute, two recorders, panpipes, harpsichord, harmonium, irish harps, and a tambour. The music is all individual cues that transition into the next to make one long listening experience, about 20 minutes worth.

To this day, almost all of Bruce Broughtons original score from this timeless attraction has been released in a 1 track medley on the 2008 Walt Disney World Resort Official Album.

I have learned, that in order for Disney to consider releasing a CD of Bruce Broughtons original theme park music, I would have to find out the interest in this type of music and get at least 5,000 people who would purchase it. I know of several people, already, who would buy this music, myself included.

Who here has some fond memories of this show and do you have any favorite cues from the shows music? Feel free to share your thoughts, memories, etc... from this missed and retired attraction.

Until next time, Have A Magical Day, All!

( WDW CM '10 )


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