Space Station X-1/Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland

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I got a track some time ago that was labeled "Space Station X-1". I was very excited because I have seen very little of this attraction, audio or otherwise. I was a bit disappointed when I got it because the quality was pretty poor (there were so many pops and skips that in the countdown sequence they skipped the numbers 7 and 3), and frankly I had to wonder if it was even authentic. There wasn't anything that particularly could clue me into it's authenticity and I was too young to have experienced it myself.

Today I happened to be listening to the 1958 album "A Musical Tour of Disneyland" and suddenly there it was again, a complete clean version of this mystery track. On the album it's described as SpaceShip X-1. This album doesn't really feature any attractions specifically but rather just has a lot of background music and sound effects to give a general impression of each land. So I figure that this bit about X-1 has very little to do with the audio one really heard back in 55 on the real attraction.

But I thought I'd run it by our Tomorrowland experts here and make sure I hadn't stumbled across a hidden gem. Any thoughts?


My best guess on this would be that it is not the actual audio from the attaction - any one else know the story...?
"Space Station X-1" ......and later "Satelite View of America" would not have had any countdown tracks.......because you were already in a space station ciricling the Earth.....Moonship RX-1 is the name of the rocket in Tomorrow the Moon (Man and Space Series) ..the TWA Rockets had the Names DIANA and the LUNA (one for each guest show building)


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ah but isn't it possible tha the station would be monitering or even broadcasting the countdowns for other ships? just kidding. I'm pretty convinced that this isn't authentic