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Back when RCA sponsored Space Mountain, there was a great song that played in the "home of the future" area at the end. "RCA leads the way..." was the way the chorus went.

I LOVED THAT SONG! Does anyone know where I can get a copy?

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Yeah that would be great if that song was available.

Too bad so many things had to be left out of the WDWForever system due to corporate references.
.........yes, it seems that when the people were selected to do Walt Disney World Forever, they chose people who had very little knowlege or interest in WDW. A friend of mine had to explain to them that the Carousel of Progress selection would have to be the "Best Time of Your Life" (which was always very popular with Florida guests) .........and that they were forced to have a "If You Had Wings" selection and relunctantly used an almost unrecognizable "Dixieland-version" . As for the RCA HOME OF FUTURE LIVING , therean instrumental version of the song could have been selected.or even the main theme alternate that was recorded......with the sponsor RCA left out

......." R C A Leads the way"....... was replaced with " Let Your Dreams Lead The Way"

But if they HAD included "RCA Leads The Way" .......we would have had lost one of the 80 Spalsh Mountain songs......and what would WDW Forever be without
"Goober Peas"......a song WDW guests to this day hum and whistle on their visit. (PLEASE NOT TONGUE-IN-CHEEK)

When Disneyland Forever was up and running, and the WDW Forever was geting in gear, I spoke with Glen Barker ( from WDI sound dept) at the WDI Holiday Party about selections being made.......I was really excitied to hear all the stuff he was pulling to be culled from.....and that all the "If You Had Wings" tracks were pulled but he wasn't aware of what final selections were being made. Anyway, he told me how audio-wise "Wings" was avery advanced attraction, and was the firts to use a early "surround sound" system called "Quadraphonic-Sound" was great to hear about this from someone who had worked on the attraction.....although my date was bored-as-hell hearing about it!! Anyway I recal how dissapointed I was to see one small "Dixieland Version" on the menu.



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But, at least that means that there is good audio from "If You Had Wings" around somewhere. Hopefully one of these days it will surface.


There are at least a couple of versions of the RCA Home of Future Living song floating around - just keep your eyes on the newsgroups, and it should show up sooner or later.

I remember the week the WDW Forever system debuted - I drove down that weekend specifically to get Best Time of Your Life (and was pleasantly surprised to get the entire attraction) and If You Had Wings (and was extremely disappointed to only get the Dixieland version). Man, I hope some of the other tracks from that attraction turn up someday...


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Thanks to everyone for replying. I also loved "If you had wings" was a great little riff that kept repeating...and there was that great finish on the dune buggy at the end.

You mentioned that the RCA theme shows up on newsgroups. Know of one I might try?


I know that it's a painting called "His Master's Voice," and Nipper and his Victrola are sitting on His Master's Coffin in the original painting. Tell us more?
Re: Goober Peas

"Sitting by the roadside, on a summer's day,
chatting with my mess mates, passing time away,
lying in the shadows, underneath the trees,
goodness how delicious, eating goober peas.
Peas, peas, peas, peas, eating goober peas,
goodness how delicious, eating goober peas."

Sorry DL Flight 295 and all, but I just had to butt in--I love that song! It's on a Civil War LP I had(and still enjoy with my son) as a kid, a great collection of period songs and stories, narrated by Ralph Bellamy, that I've played a zillion times--and, needless to say, Goober Peas was always one of my favorite songs on the record!

So of course, when I made my WDW Forever Splash Mountain CD, guess which song I had to include........yep, I know, there's one in every crowd.......


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I think the only flaw with the WDW forever system was that it didn't continue to add material. Obviously you can't release all of the best material in the first wave, so you pad it with less sought after stuff (goober peas, Mickey's Jammin parade or whatever it was) and with each release you give the audience a healthy mix. There just weren't enough successive waves.


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Going back off topic for just one second...Mike Z., you can't BELIEVE how rusty that "Eating Goober Peas" song is, in my brain. It was on a (non-Disney) LP that I had when I was....3? 4? Loved that song and "The railroad runs through the middle of the house."

OK...NOW back to the topic at hand...

peas, peas, peas, peas........

Hope that first verse got those neurons firing again, Sharon........whew, now I feel better......I guess sometimes there's TWO in every crowd....... talk amongst yourselves.....