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Yo, everybody. Im new here. I came across a few mp3s of WDW space mountain music labeled as "star tunnel music," "ramp mix," "promising tomorrow," and "sentimental journey." Were any of these ever used in the Space Mt at Disneyland? Thanks.


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I'm new as well. Do you have link to that site, I don't think I have ever come across a ramp mix for Space mountain. I can't find very many space mountain sounds.

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All of those were used at WDW only. Sentimental Journey is obviously an old Pop Standard redone by Esquivel. That was added in the mid 90's when Fed Ex took over sponsorship. The other pieces were instrumental variations on the song "We've Come So Far" which was the Space Mountain Theme Song from 85 till Fed Ex took over. The instrumentals were released on the WDW Forever system. There were four of them:
Entrance Music
Star Tunnel
Speed Ramp
Space Warp
Space Warp was not so much music as it was just sound effect. This was the one piece of these four that did make it to DL. It played in the Space Mountain Portion of the Peoplemover. You'd pass the Starcade windows as the narrator says. "Now here's a preview of the exciting thrills that await you inside Space Mountain. For your safety please remain seated....etc..." Then the Space Warp music would come up. You couldn't see much.

The song "We've come so far" is floating around the internet in extremely poor quality. The music is by George Wilkings, lyrics by Larry Gertz, vocals by Gloria Bellis and Joe Pizzulo.

The rest of Space Mountain's sounds were pretty much the same as DL's. All the internal ComChat and sfx were the same. Even the FedEx SMTV that played during the queue with all the fake news reports and commercials originated at WDW, thus the ads for X-S Tech from Alien Encounter.


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Does anyone know the name of the second song that plays in the entrance tunner at WDW's version of space mountain. There are two pieces of music that play, the first entrance song, which was available at WDW Forever, and the second song which starts right where the space pictures line the queue and ends at the turnstile. Anyone know where to get a copy of the file?


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I believe what you are seeking is a track that is floating around under the title "Wedway Tunnel" -- it is a synthesized version of "We've Come So Far".


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I have not come across the Wedway Tunnel file before. Is this something that is generally available, and if so, where the most likely place to get it is (I usually check mIRC and newsgroups on a consistent basis).

Bleah. have the sheet music to "We come so far", it didnt do all that much for me. What IU DO love is the comm chat synthesizer. The voices in back are so dreamy. I found them to be snagged from this movie MAROONED, and it was during the later launch, and they are so muhc more lively in the movie...


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Re. We've Come So Far
For anyone still following this thread, after seperating out the vocals using Spleeter I've found that all the distortion is in the instrumental. I'm currently working on recreating the instrumental, and then I'll put the isolated original vocals to it. Should sound at least better. I'll post my progress on this thread.