Space Mountain Question!

Howdy! Gotta a question...

In the post show (from the unload to the exit), either "Music Makers" or the "Sentimental Journey" plays...and I was at the parks not too long ago - except I forget which one it was! :eek: Does anyone know where each plays?

Many thanks!! ;D

X-S Tech

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Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but I believe both songs cycle as you take the speedramp down(or up, I don't remember) past the various FedEx Tableux to the exit. Don't know if the music is heard beyond that.

Dr. Know

I also recall that both tracks are played in a loop, and I am quite sure that the only place you hear them is in the immediate unloading area, and not on the speedramp itself (though a snippet of Music Makers (the very beginning of the piece) is also looped on the ramp, around the animatronics, I believe.


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"Music Makers" was cut up to make two different loops. One loop, made from the middle part of the song, plays in the unloading areas. The other loop plays through the [formerly] FedEx postshow, and uses the first part of the song. "Sentimental Journeys" plays somewhere near the exit, but I'm not sure if it's the entire track or if they again cut out a section to loop.