Space Mountain Exit Music


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There appears to be new music for the WDW space mountain unload/exit. Does anyone know what this new track is?


I've heard elsewhere that it's the slow version of DL's new Space music, but I haven't been to WDW myself to confirm it or anything. :)

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That would be cool. As far as I've noticed, at DL there is no new area music, merely the old Com Chat edited together with old spacey sounds that originated with WDWs SM in the 70's. Perhaps I missed another version of our theme somewhere though, possibly at hte exit. Seems I'm more distracted coming off the attraction- perhaps too much to notice music even.


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I have not heard the new DL music yet, but I have a copy and will listen to see if this is the music or not.

I started a thread on this question in the past, but still am looking for an answer. In the entrance to WDW Space Mountain, three tracks play. The first two have been released in the WDW Forever series. The third piece of music (which is not the Star Tunnel music) is the one I am asking about. Does anyone know what this music is, if it has ever been available, or if a good quality recording has ever surfaced?