Space Mountain Com Chat


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Loop runs 7:19

The loop can be heard (very faintly) in the loading queue and more clearly in the "chicken exit" (which can be accessed right behind Mission Control in the queue line). A partial version, running 5:28, was released on the Walt Disney World Forever system.

A source copy of the 7:19 version is in limited circulation. I believe a version of the full loop was released on the Tokyo Disneyland "Treasures of Fantasy" CD set.

I compared this to a live recording that was recorded in 1986 and it was a match. I will confirm that no changes have been made since then. Since I had nothing better to do one morning, I typed up a script of the com chat dialog. I'm not exactly sure I credited all of the dialog to the correct narrator, but the script will prove useful in confirming there have been no changes since the live recording was made.

Launch Control: All personnel, clear the launch platform.

[?]: All personnel, clear launch platform.

Space Venture: Launch Control, this is Space Venture. Radio is on.

Launch Control: Roger. LV stand by.

LV: Launch Control. LV.

Launch Control: Go ahead.

LV: All video recorders off.

Launch Control: Roger. SBO, turn off your video recorders and focus OSB camera to monitor spacecraft umbilical.

SBO: Roger. OSB do you read?

OSB: Roger.

Launch Control: Command receiver checks are complete. You can print out your initial conditions.

Flight Safety: LV. Flight Safety.

LV: Go ahead.

Flight Safety: Verify number one.

LV: SPF, this is LV.


LV: Turn on your port recorder for spacecraft function.

SPF: Roger. Recorders are on.



LD: PCS, you have a go on [C band].



SSL: Go ahead.

LD: You are go for earth side launch.

SSL: Roger. All personnel switch to channel number two for status check.

[?]: Port communications status is go. Global networks status is go.

SSL: Instrumentation?

Instrumentation: Instrumentation. Go.

SSL: Propulsion?

Propulsion: Go.

SSL: Facility?

Facility: Go.

SSL: Electrical?

Electrical: Go.

SSL: Life Safety?

Life Safety: Go.


SBO: Go.

LD: MC. This is LD.

MC: Go ahead.

LD: We're going to need another computation on the space shuttle plot.

MC: Roger. Once I receive a go from you on that, I will initiate a hold. This is MC. Manual hold initiated at minus five minutes.

LD: Roger. This is LD. We will hold at minus five minutes waiting for the latest computation from space shuttle launch.

LD: Propulsion, this is LD on two.

Propulsion: Go ahead.

LD: How do your tank pressures look?

Propulsion. Very good. We are a go.

LD: Space Port Flight, you may proceed with the launch.

Space Port Flight: Roger. Launch Control, this is Space Port Flight. Ask Space Venture to prepare to copy.

Launch Control: Space Venture, are you prepared to copy?

Space Venture: Launch Control, this is Space Venture.

Launch Control: Go ahead.

Space Venture: Address 402697. Address 413576. Flight. This is Space Venture. The computer is ready. [DLF 4:02 Track Ends Here]


SSL: Go ahead.

SPO: You have a clear to launch space shuttles.

SSL: Roger.

Instrumentation: SSL, this is Instrumentation.

SSL: Go ahead.

Instrumentation: Verify item four.

SSL: Roger. SPO, start port recorders and tv video tape recorders.

SPO: Wilco.

Instrumentation: LD. Instrumentation.

LD: Go ahead.

Instrumentation: Start to calibrate instrumentation recorders.

LD: Roger. Launch Control, this is LD.

Launch Control: Go ahead.

LD: Ready to pick up at this time?

Launch Control: Roger. Proceed.

LD: Pick it up at my mark LC.

Launch Control: Roger.

LD: Three. Two. One. Mark.

Launch Control: This is Launch Control at T minus six minutes and counting. [WDWF 5:28 Track Ends Here]

Launch Control: T minus five minutes. Minus four fifty. Minus four forty. Minus four thirty.

Mission Control: Launch Director. This is Mission Control.

LD: Go ahead.

Mission Control: We'll initiate a hold on space venture launch at T-minus three minutes. Resume countdown after space shuttles have departed earth's space transfer dock.

LD: Roger, Mission Control.


SSL: Go ahead.

LD: SSL, you may proceed with the space shuttle launch.

SSL: Roger. Space Port Flight, verify item five under two minutes.

Space Port Flight: Affirmative.

SSL: Space shuttles are go on internal.

Space Port Flight. Roger. All systems are internal.

[?]: Roger. SSL you have a clear to launch.

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