Sonny Eclipse?


Ive been online scouring the search engines for Sonny Eclipse related info and material. In terms of music, there is nothing :( But it got me wondering...

Does anyone know Sonny's set? You know, the song titles and stuff. I heard that it is only about 30 minutes long...but last time I was at Cosmic Rays I couldnt really hear him that well.

Too bad there isnt a Sonny Eclipse: Live at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe album out there...or was me not being able to hear him well a good thing ;)

Does WDW sell other Sonny related merchandise like tour shirts and plushes?

Thanks for your help
Another Sonny fan! We also love the Sonny show(aka singer/guitarist Kal David) and always make it a point to catch him several times during a visit for his "retro-cool" show. I never timed the show exactly, but I think you're right, it runs around 30 minutes or so. I tried a "test" videorecording of the show during lunchtime last visit, but there was a fair amount of distracting background noise(for a subsequent transfer of the audio onto CD-R)--I think I'm going to try recording the whole show when we're down there next month, but only at a quieter time. A CD of the whole show would be great--we only got "Bright Little Star" on recent WDW albums(maybe this year they'll choose a different song?!!?). No, I've never seen any Sonny merchandise during the past several years. Mike.


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Love the Sonny show!!! Great stuff.

Here is the tracklisting (I made up the titles, but they make sense to me)

Sonny Eclipse (Total show 24:32)
1. Intro (Dialog) 1:28
2. This Is Sonny Eclipse 2:07
3. Hey, Guess what kind of bugs (Dialog) 0:28
4. Earth 2:36
5. Gravity 2:23
6. You know, I recently heard (Dialog) 0:15
7. Space Angels 3:40
8. Anybody out there celebrating a birthday (Dialog) 0:20
9. Yew Nork 3:22
10. That's where I got this (Dialog) 0:19
11. Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe 1:36
12. Actually folks (Dialog) 0:37
13. Bright Little Star 2:18
14. Planetary Boogie 2:03
15. Donald Duck and Goofy (Dialog) 0:18
16. it's a small world (Dialog) 0:42

Hope this helps!



Thanks Hosewater that REALLY helps...

Now, If I can only get my hands on a copy....

Hmmmmm...... >:)


I read somewhere that the Sonny figure was actually a prototype AA from the original Plectus Fantastic Galactic revue idea. And when they shelved THAT they turned the figure into Sonny (And whats his name in TDL's Space Mt or Star Tours)

Does anyone know what Im talking about?


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If anyone is looking for a copy of Sonny, I made a homegrown a few years back. it's pretty darn good. it has ben floating around. feel free to ask.

Keith Droz


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Hey Kdroz, I'd love to get a copy of your Sonny Eclipse stuff. Do you know the specifics of where it is available online? Do you have a website or FTP or anything?




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No, Tony Solaroni is a different AA character. The "Sonny Eclipse" AA is in Star Tours in the control booth. He's got grey hair and a hat on.

Tony Solaroni kind of looks like a yellow frog with eyestalks, and a shock of red hair on the back of his head.