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Just yesterday I saw Song of the South for the first time ever and I have to say it is easily one of the best Disney movies I have ever seen. The music alone is incredible. In fact I never realized how many songs that play at Critter Country actually originated from this movie. In particular, "let the rain pour down", "carriage ride" and others. If you get a chance you should all check out to learn more about the songs, the lyrics, and sign an on-line petition to get song of the south to come out on DVD.

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Wow... I am so excited about this ;D Song of the South has been one of my favorite Disney movies since I was little. It'd be great if they add the Splash Mountain as a bonus feature on the DVD ;) Am I asking too much here? ;D -Matt


Sorry to bring bad news.Just saw this news from the shareholders meeting:

Iger States Disney Does Not Have Plans to Release Song of the South
During the question and answer session, Iger was asked regarding the future of Song of the South. He stated he had recently screened the film. And was concerned by some of the depictions and how they would be received. He stated that they have made the decision not to release the film.
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Why can't they release the edited movie with the complete version in the special features section? ??? And... can they release the soundtrack on CD? -Matt

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What would the edited version consist of? I don't think Iger is reffering to a particular scene that can just be snipped and nobody would notice. While I disagree with this assesment, I think he's talking of the general tone of the film, which depicts several African Americans working happily on a plantation. Mind you they are Free African Americans. But the current mindset seems to be that making a film where the Black folks aren't complaining about past slavery is to ignore that it ever happened. Guess Igers not as forward thinking as I thought.

Why don't they just get Leonard Maltin to apologize that the white man was ever born.

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