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I am looking for a recording of the background music you hear as you are walking through the theme parks.
Does such a thing exist and where would I find it? I am hoping to surprise my husband with this for his birthday.
I know he has heard clips somewhere on the internet.

Thank you!

There is undoubtedly hundreds of hours of all different types of music that plays in the various lands and areas of the Disney theme parks. They range from commercially available to out-of-print to never before available. A good place for you to start might be the official albums of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. A bit of the music from various areas is available on the most recent ones. They include mostly music from the attractions though. If you are looking specifically for the Main Street music, then I have heard that CD's by the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra are a good approximation of the music in that area, though I don't have either of the currently availble one to offer my own opinion on that subject.

Hope this points you in a direction of some kind.

The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra have their own website and you can order CDs there if you cant find them anywhere else. The address is

I think the cd The Whistler and His Dog has many songs you here on Main Street.

I would also highly recommend a great cd that is one of my favorites called Ragtime at the Magical Kingdoms by
Chris Calabrese

I think you can get it at and cdnow

Good luck




Here's a list of the tracks from the current DL/WDW Main St. loops that have been made available commercially. Some of these may be used at DLP or TDL as well. Several others from the PRO are only used at DLP or possibly at TDL, which I've notated. If I'm mistaken on any of these, I'd appreciate corrected info. from anyone :)

A) From the DL/WDW Forever kiosks:

1. Beautiful Beulah
2. Flitterin'
3. Fortuosity
4. Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby
5. I Could Love A Million Girls
6. In My Merry Oldsmobile
7. Let's Have A Drink On It
8. Mary Is A Grand Ol' Name
9. Summer Magic
10. Yankee Doodle Dandy

B) From the 1987 Paragon Ragtime Orchestra release titled, "On The Boardwalk":

1. Made In America (DLP only)
2. In The Hills Of Old Kentucky Medley
3. Kentucky Home (DLP only)
4. Black And White Rag (DLP only)
5. "Old Timers" Waltz Medley (includes "The Bowry",
"The Sidewalks Of New York", "Sweet Rosie O'Grady",
"Bicycle Built For Two", "And The Band Played On")

C) From the 1989 Paragon Ragtime Orchestra release titled, "The Whistler And His Dog":

1. Dynamite Rag (DLP only)
2. Bring Me Back My Lovin' Honey Boy (DLP only)
3. Aviation Rag (not @ WDW)
4. Smiles
5. Triplets
6. A Symphonic Nightmare: Desecration Rag No. 1"
(about 2:35 has been edited in the parks' version)
7. The Winter Garden Rag
8. Oh You Drummer! (vocals dropped in parks' version)
9. The Junk Man Rag


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I just raided my husbands Mp3 files and found one of the song names that he's looking for. It's the steel drum version of the "Tiki Room" from either Animal Kingdom or Discovery Island. If I can find the rest of the Mp3's (or whatever he downloaded) I can see if the names match all the info you have given me.


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Good list Dani. However the version of Black and White Rag heard at DLP is not the same as that from the "Boardwalk" CD, and may have been played by another group, although, admittedly it sounds a bit like PRO.