some soundtracks that we need on cd


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I have made coments about this before. Maybe if we insist they can see that there's people who demand this kind of product... there are some disney soundtracks that we do not have access to. Titles like

1. Saludos Amigos
2. The 3 Caballeros
3. Make Mine Music
4. Melody Time
5. The Sword in the Stone (many funny songs and a great score...)

I wish we had all of them. You can find some songs in good compilations, but i would really love to hear and dance to the rythm of those tracks while Disney travelled all around south of the border... or the pieces in the movies created after the war. Great variety of music with talented people in them.

Can Randy do anything?

Jessica L

In Search of the Castaways
Summer Magic
One and Only Genuine Original Family Band

Then I'd be the happiest person alive (even if they only released Family Band...)!



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Personally, I'd like to see music and songs from the Apple Dumpling Gang and The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again.

I'd also like to see a soundtrack to the Even Stevens show with music from the musical episode. :eek:

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Sorry, couldn't resist! :) I think that's the song I want the most. That and Let's Put it Over with Grover, and Happiest Girl Alive, and... ;)


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I can't believe I forgot Dakota! :-[ ;)

Now you guys have gotten me started!