Some questions about the DL 50th boxed set


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Ok, I have a couple questions about the upcoming Disneyland History CD set.

Space Mountain: The attraction will have a new score when it reopens, however the CD set will be released long before then. Has the new score already been recorded? Will it be included on the boxed set as a preview?

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters: Since thsi is also a new attraction and will be opening around the same time as the CD set's release, will we see this on the set? I sure hope so.

Also, this isn't a question as much as a hopeful wish. I was listening to stuff from Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland and America the Beautiful the other day and I really hope both of those make it on the set in some form. I'd love to hear a ride through of Nature's Wonderland with effects and music! An observation about America the Beautiful....I reallyl have to say I like the 1967 version better. I'm one of those people that likes to be educated while being entertained. I found that the 1976 Bicentennial version seemed dumbed down. I liked that the original had quite a bit of historical content and put it into context with what was on the screens. The Bicentennial edition seemed more bland in that regard.

Ahem...anyway, can anybody answer the questions I asked?



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Well, judging by the big grin, I'm guessing my questions are answered. Thanks!

I'm anticipating this set (and the other CD's) more than anything this year. May can't come soon enough.
According to my "Your Guide to Disneyland," which survived from our cross-country road trip to California in 1967(my first visit to Disneyland), I rode the Mine Train Ride once--a "D" ticket--or 60 cents(I also used the guide as a checklist of which attractions I visited). Wish I could remember being on the train, but it was Pirates of the Caribbean(opening year!) that I took home with me--it was something then, and still is now! Anyway, I'd also love to hear the soundtrack to that "lost" attraction and moment....

The question is.....been toying with the thought of re-living that great trip with a follow-up road trip to California this summer, in part to visit the country, but also to take part in the 50th celebration......the timing may be right.

Of course then I could pick up my CD set in person, gold LP and all.....perchance to dream!