Some questions about park audio, and help needed to identify.


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I'm compiling "Un-official albums" for each of the worldwide resorts and I have some questions about shared audio...and some specific park tracks. If anybody can help me, I would appreciate it. So, here goes...

The Fantasyland casle suite; is that played at all the resorts? I can't remember if it's only used at WDW or not. If not, what does each park play in it's castle courtyard/entrance?

The Grand Canyon Diorama & Primeval World. Since this is reproduced at TDL and DLP, is the audio the same as the Disneyland version? And, is there a recording of the Grand Canyon section availible anywhere? I have the Primeval World track already, so I just need the other.

Do any of the other parks use the Fantasyland Band Organ tracks from Disneyland?

The Pinocchio's Daring Journey track from the Tokyo Disneyland Music's strange to me. Having ridden the Disneyland version many times, I thought they were supposed to be identical. However, the TDL track sounds very 70's/80's to me. Is this queue music used only in Tokyo? It's just so...funky sounding and I've never heard it at Disneyland (except for the When You Wish Upon a Star part).

Hong Kong Disneyland...there's not much out there, since the park is so new but still. What area loops do they use? Is Main Street the same as DL and WDW?

What about HKDL's Space Mountain, does it use the same audio track as Disneyland, or is it a new track composed for that version?

Are there any other HKDL tracks that are from other parks that anybody can recommend?

Thanks a million for any help on these questions.


I can answer one of those questions.

The Fantasyland Castle Suite is now a part of the Entrance Loop at Walt Disney World. It was added along with some Pooh tracks I believe in 2005. The castle forecourt area speakers at WDW generally tend to be playing to Main Street Area loop unless something special is happening. Fantasyland behind the castles is till playing the yodeling music. I am heading back out there for my birthday next week and will be listening for any new sounds!


PS Part of the Fantasyland Castle Suite is also used for the Kiss Goodnight at WDW


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HKDL's Space Mountain does use the same audio track as the 2005 new Space Mountain at Disneyland.