Some Disney CD's for sale

My friend and I are selling some CD to help a close friend out financially. Here is the list of the CD we have on Ebay at the moment.
1. Disney's MICKEY MAGIC music CD 2. Disney's DISCO DONALD music CD 3. Disney's GOOFY GREATS music CD 4. Disney's FRIENDS TOGETHER music CD 5. Brand New Disneyland Paris "Music of Parades" CD 6. Disney Musical "Der Gl?ckner von Notre Dame" CD 7. Disney OST Aladdin CD in German 8. Brand new Disney's LOVE HITS 2 CD with a bonus VCD 9. Disney OST Beauty and the Beast CD in Italian Please check out Thank you for giving me the chance to post a small ad here. We are planning to put some more CD's on Ebay by the end of the week. Thanks again! - Matt