some classic MMC tracks 4 u all (updated info)


Wow-Weee! more mp3s for us. But I just can't connect.

Will anyone please tell me if these links work for you? I get the idea that windows XP by default won't permit the access to many types of links.

It somehow seemed easier to gamble on Windows 98.

Thank You from Florida!


Neither link opened for me by clicking, but right-click and "Save Target As..." worked fine for both. How odd.



On my Mac with Safari, I'm getting similar errors:

When I click the link to open it in the browser, I get GeoCities' standard "Page cannot be displayed" error message.

When I right-click and "Download Linked File As...", I get the message "0 bytes of ? -- file doesn't exist".

Perhaps this is the limitation of GeoCities. I know many of the free web hosting places give you so much bandwidth, and if you exceed that set amount you can't use it again for another 24 hours. Maybe?
Sorry about any confusion. I made these from my video tapes of the 1950's MMC. I was just really bored one day.

I do have the tracks from the 1977 cast, but that is not what the above links are for.

Again, sorry for any confusion.