Soarin' Over California preshow

Dr. Know

I have been slaving away on my Soarin' Over California ride-through, and one of the biggest problems I am having concerns the preshow. I have had to cobble the audio of Patrick Warburton's safety spiel together from two separate sources, and I fear that it may be incomplete. Does anyone have a decent full recording from the video? If so, could you check it against my transcription, which follows below:

Hello, and welcome to Soarin? Over California.

My name is Patrick, and I?ll be your chief flight attendant today.

We?ll begin boarding in a few minutes but first I?d like to acquaint you with some important safety information.

... [this is where there is a break in the audio and I may be missing something]

Store all carry-on items in the under-seat compartment. This includes cameras, purses, hats, and of course, these little beauties.

Next, fasten your seatbelts, inserting them into the buckle on your right.

If smaller aviators don?t measure up to the height indicator on the seat, let?s put the belt through the loop in the center strap before buckling. Nice work, pal.

Soon you will be airborne. So if you or your little aviators have a fear of flying or of heights, you might want to wait for your party at the arrival gate.

OK, let?s review, that is, seat, seatbelt, carry-on items, safety strap, fear of heights, keep your hands and arms inside at all times, anything else? Yeah, have a nice flight!


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All right, this is strictly from memory, but I'll give it a go. :) Your missing section goes something like:

"When the doors [to the cabin?] open, please move all the way down your row."

Hopefully, that will at least jog someone's memory. I'm out of town right now, or I'd go down there to hear it for you in person. :)