So I saw "Pirates of the Caribbean" last night...


They had a free sneak in Atlanta last night. I got a bunch of passes and went with six other people. I was somewhat apprehensive because I hate Jerry Bruckheimer and his foul creations with a fierce and burning passion. Nevertheless, I was encouraged by the great casting, good advance buzz, and of course ties to my favorite ride in DL/Magic Kingdom. I'm happy to say I was not disappointed.

The best thing about the film is the way in which it sticks to the spirit of the ride. You'd think that an amusement park ride would make for a rather flimsy movie premise, but summer movies SHOULD feel like rides (even if that ride is oftentimes the carousel: "Haven't we been here before?"). The screenwriters lifted just enough material from the Disney boat ride to make it seem familiar. There are some direct homages which I won't divulge here, but many in the packed house cheered when they recognized them.

Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom acquit themselves admirably, but it is Geoffrey Rush and most especially Johnny Depp who carry the film. Their charisma and investment in the material help elevate it above the dreck this film most certainly could have become. Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow is a character with quirks and amiability to spare, reminding us of how much the world dearly loves an antihero...

Those among you familiar with the Monkey Island series of games will recognize a lot of familiar cues here. Indeed, the central plot point of a crew of cursed skeletal pirates is lifted straight from the Monkey Island mythos (by way of Coleridge, perhaps). I think I read a while back that the game rights had been optioned for a film. Perhaps the success of "Pirates..." will lead to a Monkey Island film. Who knows.

As to the music: Well, it's a Bruckheimer film. Klaus Badelt's score is loud and I suppose suitably swashbucking, but quite honestly, you could swap it out with the score in any other Bruckheimer film and not notice a difference. I'm sure many of you are wondering if and how "Yo ho..." is incorporated. It is included, primarily in snippets hummed and recited by various members of the cast. Depp's character seems particularly enamored of the "...really bad eggs" bit. But there is no big musical number and no one ever really belts out a lengthy portion of the song, so feel free to be either relieved or disappointed.

All in all I'd give the film 8 out of 10. Very enjoyable, and one of the better summer movies in recent memory.
Just got back from the movie--definitely a solid "two thumbs up"(I do have two thumbs!)! How can you go wrong--a swashbuckling score; an off-beat, fun Johnny Depp; "Legolas"; a classic evil pirate captain; of course a beautiful damsel in distress; and--I guess I'm just a sucker for sword-wielding skeleton pirates(hats off to Ray Harryhausen!)! There are also enough homages to the attraction itself--and "Yo Ho"-- to keep a dedicated Pirates fan like myself happy! One negative--why isn't the score out yet?!?



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How'd the get Lego's to fit into the plot?

OK seriously. I used to be blonde when I was a little kid. What or who is "Legolas?"

Sharon .. Sharon.
Go rent "Fellowship of the Ring". Better yet go read Tolkiens 5 volumes.
Legolas is the elf member of the felllowship (a blonde in LOTR). A major role for a new actor. And futhermore, "Orlando" should be one of your favorite names somehow.
Yep......Sharon, Sharon, Sharon......I just thought that "Legolas" might be more recognizable than Orlando Bloom......anyway, let me start at the beginning.....once there was a hobbit.........


Neener, neener, neener! ;D

"Neener, neener, neener!" must be hobbit for "Sharon, Sharon, Sharon!" ;)

Looking forward to seeing "Pirates...." soon.


Just got back from "Pirates"... LOVED it. :D I had my little stuffed Pirates of the Caribbean Pluto with me, and I think I started embarrassing my friends... I almost had more fun picking out all the in-jokes than anything else! But of course, looking at Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp helped. ;)

Anyways, as far was music goes, I love "Yo Ho," but I thought it made a lot better that it wasn't all over the film, cause it really made those little spots where they sang it stick out. The music was EXTREMELY similar to Gladiator, however, and some parts almost made me wonder if they just used the same score.



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I love "Yo Ho," but I thought it made a lot better that it wasn't all over the film, cause it really made those little spots where they sang it stick out.
I agree. Thought it was a great movie, loved the in-jokes, thought the casting was brilliant .... etc. etc. The only downside for me was the HORRENDOUS score. Poor Klaus Badelt is capable of SO much more (try his recent score to "The Time Machine" for example), and it makes me furious to see how much Bruckheimer wanted this to sound like every one of his other films.
As some have said, this sounds EXACTLY like every score for a movie he's been involved in. I swear, the main theme is a DIRECT copy of the theme from "The Rock" .... oh and "Con-Air" .... oh and "Armageddon". It really pissed me off.
As a soundtrack collector and long-time Disney fan, I was sorely dissapointed in the music and this will be the first Walt Disney Records CD in recent memory that I will NOT be purchasing.
" I LOOK like a Lord of the Rings geek?"

Nope, just un-informed of one of the most widely read books of the 20th Century!

all in good fun Sha'aron (most likely how your name would look in elvish)
Neener for Mike!


Michael, you wonder why the score isn't out yet. Haven't you noticed that if the soundtrack isn't littered with lame "pop" songs most studios release movie soundtracks as an after thought now days. Disney is no different now. :p (They never did release "Hocus Pocus", among others.) Anyway maybe we're lucky. If the album was out now it would probably have the dreaded "music inspired by the film" curse. Which means two cuts from the orchestral score and ten crap pop and hip-hop songs from Disney contract bands.

On a separate note I just rented "Die Another Day" and when the credits started it could not believe how LAME the Madonna sung theme song was. The James Bond movies always had pretty good pop songs to go with the credits but this was unlisenable crap. And the music companies think they are losing money due to piracy!! Maybe if they encouraged new artists and put the overpriced "name" hacks out to pasture they would make a profit again. On my last visit to Best Buy I noticed everyone in line seemed to be buying a couple DVDs. It doesn't take a million dollars worth of market research to figure out that people would rather buy an entire 2 hour movie, with extras, for $15.00 rather than a 36 minute music CD for $18.00 which only has two good cuts on it anyway. People are spending what they used to spend on CDs to buy DVDs now. By the way I though the score of "Die Another Day" was great! Sorry if I got off the Disney track here but of course Disney has become just another greedy major studio these days.

I'm glad to hear so many folks like the current "Pirates" score as I was worried when they changed composers that they might go all hip-hop or something. Can't wait to see the film.

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Saw the film last night -- LOVED it! I thought the use of "yo ho" was appropriate and very effective.

But in terms of the score: I couldn't help but wonder what might have been. Badelt's score is fine, but shows all the hallmarks of the Hans Zimmer/Media Ventures factory. Alan Silvestri, who was originally hired to score the picture, is in another league. His brilliant work on The Mummy Returns suggested that he was up to this swashbuckling epic, but the director obviously came to think otherwise.

Yes, I'm a "glass half empty" kind of guy -- but I'll get over it. And I'll go see Pirates again, and yes, buy the soundtrack!
Sparrow to Jailed Pirates: "You three have been doing that forever!"

Sparrow to Elizabeth: "I'm going to teach that song to my crew, and we'll be singing it all the time!"


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I dunno. I loved the score. It may be nothing that hasn't been loosely done before, but it was damn swashbuckling. Really got you in the adventureing spirit. That, and I had the stupid thing stuck in my head all the way home from the theater. I thought the best touch in the movie though was just Depp looking off from the Pearl at the end of the movie, singing "Drink up me 'earties... yo ho..." to himself. Just awesome.
Disney has always gotten the soundtracks for their animated features out before the film's release, SF--not sure what that couldn't happen here(the change of composers mid-stream???).

Again, I was excited to hear that Alan Silvestri was initially on board, but after only one viewing of the movie, I still did enjoy Klaus Badelt's music--but maybe that's because I'm not familiar with his previous work, having never seen any of the films people have sited which made his Pirates' effort sound repititious to some.

I also did like the short, muffled uses of "Yo Ho," right at the beginning and then at the very end--subtle, but a very effective tribute.



Finally saw the movie last night and really liked it! ;D However count me into the group that thought the score was a weak point. At one point I too thought "are they reusing the Gladiator score here?" It didn't wreak the movie but I think Alan Silvestri would have done a better job using more of a golden age of Hollywood sound. Anyway fun picture! Don't miss it on the BIG SCREEN. Oh...and LOVED the monkey!

On a negative note :( (You know me) The preview for The Haunted Mansion looked closer to Country Bears quality rather than Pirates. After Pluto Nash's record breaking failure was Eddy Murphy the best they could do. It's already a maybe on my wait for the DVD list.


Oh...One more comment about Pirates. Have any of you noticed that although the soundtrack album will not be out until the 22nd, that is the only "Pirates of the Caribbean" merchandise that is out there. This just goes to show once again the depth of mismanagement the Disney Company has fallen. I dropped by our local Disney Store and you would think that the movie had been produced by Universal. Not one action figure, costume, plush, or storybook. Just the usual pink princess stuff. I also recieved the latest Disney Store catalog and there is nothing there either.

"Pirates" has had the best opening weekend in Walt Disney Pictures history and is based on one of its most popular attractions. You would think that their once world class marketing department would have thought that this movie might be successful and might sell a few toys. Maybe the ladies in charge felt it to be to testosterone fuled and would clash with the pink princess image the stores currently wear while on their last leg. It's really time for Eisner and company to go as once again they show their management incompetence. I suppose the "Pirates" merchandising budget might have gone into someones multimillion dollar bonus check.
SF Mike
"...I suppose the "Pirates" merchandising budget might have gone into someones multimillion dollar bonus check."

That post sounds so jaded yet reasonable I almost thought I wrote it!
Wil see POC this weekend.
Anyone recall the MCDONALD'S merchandise out there...?:) There IS merchandise, available at McDonald's..
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