Snow White


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Hi everyone, I am new here but I just wanted to ask a quick question about Snow White ;)

I've always thought the lyrics to "Heigh-ho" were "Its off to work we go" however the song I have on my new Disney CD sings "Its home from work we go"... It has been many, many years since I have seen Snow White and can't for the life of me remember whether or not there are two versions to the song?!?

If there are, does any one happen to know which CD contains the "off to work" version??? I am a teacher and would like to use it in my classroom ;)

Thanks for any help
The version on most soundtrack albums is the first time the dwarfs sing, "Heigh-Ho," and since they're going home, that's what they sing. I do recall, though, that in the film they sing a short reprise after Snow White kisses them goddbye and the go off to work, but I couldn't find it on the CD.

"Heigh-Ho" is such a standard that there's a chance that someone, somewhere recorded it as "it's off to work." But also keep in mind that the "pop" version of the song goes, "Heigh-Ho, to make your troubles go..."

There are still a lot of albums that include "Heigh-Ho." Here are the ones Tower lists:

I wish I could tell you off the top of my head which ones might have the lyric you need, but I'm sure it's been done -- it's something we've always sung ourselves!