"Snow White" on 78 RPM

I found those two videos on YouTube are the songs from the first Disney soundtrack ever made. "Snow White". One was "Whistle While You Work" and "Heigh-Ho". Those are from the 78 RPM collection. The Disneyland LP version from the 1960's was much shorter than the original in addition to "Heigh-Ho". It has a lot of sound effects from the original 78. The version on CD as first heard on a 3-CD boxed set called "The Music of Disney - A Legacy In Song" has the same thing as the original with just the same sound effects. That was from 1992 and it was out of print. It's a real collector's item. The 1993 soundtrack features "Whistle While You Work" with no sound effects of the animals. I guess you got it right. Thanks to 78MAN for these rare finds. Here they are.