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Now that WDW has reopened Small World with their imiatation of Anaheim's facade, did they add the music, clock sounds and the clock parade?

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As I hear it, the dolls don't parade out of the clock tower, but the clock itself still "performs" so I assume that the music still plays. Supposedly it's the same as what DL uses.

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Here you go. Video too. It's neat to see this clock out of it's DIsneyland setting but virtually identical (though smaller) but wierd to have it crammed into a building with the ceiling right above. As much as I've always been underwhelmed with WDW's IASW, and thought it needed something more grand, I'm not sure that this is it. And it's sad to loose something that was so 1971 Mary Blair, even if they did get somethign that's 1964 Mary Blair.
......I'm glad them kept the main Fantasyland exterior.i was affraid the "skyway Challet" was gonna get the axe to fit the new facade. The DL Clock tower does seem very crammed into the once open loading space.
I have a feeling that the merchandise deptment saw that it was easier to market and develop product with the clock tower.... The large boat with the child flats seems somewhat tacky slapped up atop the entry. You can clearly tell that the design lessons of John Hench and Bill Martin were tossed out from WDI some time ago. Things are definately taking on a tacky carnival look
to many area of all parks......Tomorrowland is a good example. I know it's not the 60's 70's or 80's.......but good design is timeless.

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Good points, 295. I always felt, with respect to Tomorrowland, FL, that if it was a retro-look they wanted, they had it with the 60's-era white pylons and should have left it all alone. Art Deco-vision Of the Future or Mod-vision of the Future? Both are good themes. But we had good theme all along.
I don't know if it's just me, but I've always felt as though you hit the back of the Magic Kingdom when you reach It's a Small World. Almost like the back wall of the park. Given the amount of land that was available, I wonder why they did that in the first place. I tend to agree that it's nice to have the parks tied in that way...and I don't think anyone will miss the old interior...but doesn't it add to the claustrophobic setting?

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Funny. Coming from more DL familiarity I always felt that WDW's Small World felt more open inside. Whereas DL's is divided up into several smaller rooms which follow the path of the contained flume, WDW's Small World continents are spread through just a couple of rooms which are all filled with water. It's like they took DL's version, knocked down most of the walls, flooded teh flume so that there's water everywhere, and all of he sets and figures are just up on their little islands.

Perception's such a funny thing.
.In regards to WDW's Fantasyland being the "back wall" was. I think had the Persian Resort
been completed, that may have been different, since the domes and minurets of that hotel would have been clearly visable in the far distance to anyone in Fantasyland (and of course that was planned that way)

People always wonder why WDW was designed without a Small World Clock Tower to begin with........I image it was the fact that the designers were really trying to maintain an overall visual theme....and by the late 1960 early 70's the white and gold facade of DL's Small World didn't really fit with that European Village look. At the same time one could argue as to why attractions like Dumbo and Mad Tea Party were just kinda inserted into the land.

One more ramble:.........has anyone seen the early layouts for WDW's Tomorrowland......the Submarine Voyage is almost directly in Tomorrowland.....later they mention that the Subs will be made to look like "Captain Nemo's fleet"........then the attraction is moved all the way into Fantasyland and the monorail does not pass through Tomorrowland. I guess 20K became a good seguway attraction between FL & TL.

Sorry....ramble ramble, ramble.........



Dr. Know

Now that the original World's Fair soundtrack has been installed in WDW, does that mean that the original World's Fair queue music is also being used? I'm talking about the jazzy attraction entrance and exit music from the NY World's Fair "set."

Vida Siddons

Do you really think that WDW's IASW was a design choice? It seemed to smack of the same kind of "Let's get something on there as we run out of money" that the original Disneyland Fantasyland facades Medieval tent on plywood feel.

I don't understand why, with the "blessing of size", WDW couldn't have had a more "nooks and crannies" sort of Fantasyland.
Is the overwhelming consensus a step forward or a step back? A post from another site indicates the new IASW is much like the one in DLP? Can anyone comment?

Dr. Know -- I'm headed down south in three weeks and will lend an ear to the queue music. Let's hope the old pre-show is out and the new-old NY World's Fair set is in.
Jim, looks like you will -- I'll be in town from the 23rd - 30th. 8) The other aural experience I plan on is to check out the loop in front of The Land; the 'old' loop was still heard over Christmas (the sound was better than I'd ever heard) but I understand a new loop related to Soarin' is in place.

Have a great time,