"Small World" Mega Mix...what happened?


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After listening to the "Mega Mix" track from the NY World's Fair set, I have to ask...Why is it all out of order? I love the fact that there are no vocals, but it really threw me that the countries are not in order. It's very random. I'm sure I'm being too anal about this, but was it intentional to do that, just to vary the listening experience? Or was it just an oversight? I have a hard time now, because I really like the intstrumental, but I think I prefer the Tokyo Disneyland CD because it's in the correct flow order. Oh well, It is nice to be able to choose which I like (as opposed to a few years ago with the one OA track).

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The order of the mega-mix reflects the order during the recording session. Remember these CDs are not a final product but work discs and since they have no plans of officially releasing them, be thankful that there is anything at all.
And you're not that anal if you didn't realize that several recordings were left off the mega-mix. (bagpipes,african princesses,reed flute,pipes of pan,camel drums,african drums)----now that's anal!


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I know this has been mentioned before, but the Hawaiian tracks are worth the entire price of the Tokyo Disneyland Small World CD.

If Disneyland would just release their own version... could coincide with the recent rehab or the 50th...



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Oh, I totally agree. Disneyland could recoup some of the money they spent to refurbish the attraction. Sure, they may not get what they spent back but it sure would help. They released the "Small World Holiday" CD, so why not? They could sell it at the toy shop at the exit, since it woudl be on people's minds anyway (also at 20th Century Music).

Maybe they could even include some of the World's Fair stuff since it won't be released in that form anyway...
remember that the Small World attraction as it was at the Fair.was indeed..very small. Also, many reasons are out there as to why certain countries were or were not represented back in 64-65. ONLY countiers that were members of UNICEF weer included. Larger scenes and extra rooms were added later for the attractions inclussion into Disneyland (which shed it's Pepsi-Uniceff

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