Small World and Small World Holiday CD Questions

I was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me about these two CD's: It's a Small World (2000) Walt Disney Records 60040-7 and It's a Small World Holiday (1999) Walt Disney Records 60036-7? I know that the song "It's A Small World" is included on many of the OA CD's and on the "A Musical History of Disneyland" 6 box set. Are any of these tracks identical to the one on the single release CD? It has a time of 3:01 on the single CD accoording to the info I have seen, but I don't have this CD, so I am trying to verify. I was looking for the same info about "It's a Small World Holiday." Is it the same as the track on the "A Musical History of Disneyland" 6 box set?


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"It's a Small World" (2000) Walt Disney Records 60040-7 is a CD released for the Disneyana convention at that time. The theme was It's a Small World. It was a single, and it was also the first time we got the remastered version. It's not the ride through, but it's the short version that was also released on that year's Official Album, and the subsequent ones. So, it's availible on a few other CD's. If you want it, it would be just for collecting purpose, since nothing on it is exclusive.

As for "It's a Small World Holiday" (1999) Walt Disney Records 60036-7, yes, it's the same as the version on the 6 disc boxed set. I think it has the clock parade as a separate track though...or maybe I'm confused. The main ride portion of the track is the same though. Also, that track was released on the "Holiday Magic" CD from Disneyland.