Slightly OT: 60s Chimpmunks & Freberg on iTunes!

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Slightly OT: 60?s Chimpmunks & Freberg on iTunes!!!


Our older members like myself will appreciate this one: Practically the entire catalogue of original Ross Bagdasarian Alvin and the Chipmunks albums are now on iTunes! I downloaded the one I remembered most from my childhood, and -- though it?s been 40 years -- I remembered every single line of intro dialogue as it played. This is sooooooo much funnier than any of the later Chimpmunk incarnations: somehow more innocent and more anarchic at the same time, with great comic timing. And check out those LP covers! The memories!!!

If you?ve never experienced the original Chipmunks (beyond the Xmas song & Witch Doctor) I highly recommend downloading the song ?Alvin?s Orchestra? (best David Seville meltdown ever) or ?Buffalo Gals? for a great finale with June Foray doing her scary battleaxe mother-in-law voice.

And, speaking of June Foray, iTunes has also gotten (finally!) the Stan Freberg albums ?Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America? and ?Best of? albums. The USA record (a satirical musical comedy trip through our country?s history) is the Sgt. Pepper of comedy albums. Humor?s a subjective thing, of course, but this is a work of genius. The cd's been out of print for a while.

And all these great albums are in iTunes-plus format! :D

And, hey, this isn't all *that* far off topic: Freberg and Foray have both done important animation voice work and the chipmunks....well, they shared time with my Disney LP's on my old little blue record player!


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Re: Slightly OT: 60?s Chimpmunks & Freberg on iTunes!!!

Rich, these have all just been issued on CD as well. It appears they might be Walmart exclusives, as I don't see them available in any other stores. If you have a local Walmart, look for them in the toy department (where they have a small CD section) or in the soundtrack section with the regular CDs.

The CDs have nice foil covers printed on thick card stock, matching the early '60s album covers. Most are also available from Walmart online. (Online store is missing "Sing Again with the Chipmunks" for some reason, though I have seen that in a couple Walmart stores, and there is a copy on Ebay right now).

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Re: Slightly OT: 60?s Chimpmunks & Freberg on iTunes!!!

Thanks for the info, Superbu! I'll check out my local Walmart: The foil covers are enough incentive for me to buy a couple of the physical discs! I love the covers of these albums...probably because I spent so much time staring at them as a kid. I particularly like the "Round the World" cover with Seville panicking about the camel for no apparent reason. Also the one where he's just taken a header down the stairs and the chimpmunks show no concern whatsoever.

There's some great, hilarious stuff on these discs--Things that one would never put on a children's record these days. The one that cracks me up the most is "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" with Seville yelling at Alivin to "PUT THAT GUN DOWN!" as bullets ricochet everywhere.

Thanks again for the heads-up!