Site Update


Hey everyone! Here's a quick update regarding a few things related to the board. I'm glad to see that everyone has gotten used to the format although I still miss the old digest email.

Thanks to a few people that took the time to notify me that many links on the site weren't working. This was due to a CGI script issue that arose when my ISP switched everything. I've finally gotten around to fixing the issue. If you've visited the Links page over the last little while, however, you've probably noticed that many of the links are dead anyway! I'm going to post a seperate thread asking for people to post links to any resource on the web that is related to Disney Music in any way. I will then update the Links page based on posts to that thread.

Support The Magical Music of the Mouse
Now that the linking bug is fixed, I'd like to humbly ask that anyone making purchases from or CDNow please do so after following a link from this site! A few bucks in credit from these stores helps to offset my monthly hosting costs and domain costs. Actually, I think in the future I'll probably be setting up a PayPal donation link for any of you who may feel inclined to support the costs of running this site.

Old Messages
I haven't mentioned this yet, but I finally did get the archives back!!! I just need to get them uploaded to the server. For the time being they will probably use the old message forum software until I can figure something else out. Unfortunately, I probably won't get the archives back in place for a while though. :( I've been up to my ears in preparations for my upcoming wedding (June 1). I'll be sure to get the old messages back up soon after I return though. And if you don't see them by the end of June, bug me to do it! That usually works eventually. ;D

Music Exchange Group
I had promised that I'd give some consideration to putting together a means to exchange unreleased music. I'm still debating this one but I know that I won't be doing much with it until I return from the honeymoon. If someone else wants to go ahead with something in the meantime, you're welcome to. All I ask is that messages related to trading and especially a trading group be kept off of the public board.

Thanks to everyone for helping to make this forum the great place it is! I also would like to welcome all the new members that have joined recently.

Trent Schwartz
The Magical Music of the Mouse Webmaster

David S.

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear the archive posts are coming back! I also noticed the Album Index is back up!

I'm really glad you got everything back.