Single version of Believe?


I picked up a copy of the Disney Theme Park Songbook, finally! I love it! One of the songs in there is a single version of "Magic in the Stars" from Believe. Looking at the lyrics, I recall hearing some of them in a TV commercial back when the show debuted, but they're not in the show itself. Does anyone know if this track was ever released anywhere, even on a limited basis? I'd love to hear what it really sounds like. I made a midi file of it out of curiosity, but I'd love to hear the real thing.



Hey Kirsten,

I believe what you are looking for was only used for commercials and PR purposes. BUT that doesn?t mean that the recording isn?t floating around somewhere out there!

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anymore help locating a copy.



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I remember when I worked at the Disney Store, they had that song on the laserdisc. I really liked it, but have not been able to locate it either. It was a commercial for Disneyland, and the lyrics were nice.