Silvestri's A Christmas Carol (11/3)


Real-life Harry Caul
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  1. A Christmas Carol Main Title (4:21)
  2. Scrooge Counts Money (0:48)
  3. Marley's Ghost Visits Scrooge (6:12)
  4. The Ghost of Christmas Past (4:58)
  5. Let Us See Another Christmas (1:18)
  6. Flight To Fezziwigs (1:27)
  7. First Waltz (0:59)
  8. Another Idol Has Replaced Me (1:40)
  9. Touch My Robe (3:41)
  10. The Clock Tower (1:50)
  11. Carriage Chase (3:24)
  12. Old Joe and Mrs. Dilber (2:28)
  13. This Dark Chamber (1:56)
  14. None Of Us Will Ever Forget (1:33)
  15. Who Was That Lying Dead? (3:08)
  16. I'm Still Here (1:26)
  17. Ride On My Good Man (1:04)
  18. God Bless Us Everyone (vocal by Andrea Bocelli) (3:15)
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Real-life Harry Caul
Playlist Author
FYI, track samples with additional music are up at the Walt Disney Records site:
Went and saw the movie of Friday night. Seeing it in 3D and Imax was great! Felt like I was on an attraction in the parks. My favorite scene was when Marley left and Scrooge saw all the ghost around him. That was a powerful effect.

The music was good, but I think it was slow to develop for me. It seemed a long time from the opening credits music until it began again, I think with Scrooge counting his money. However the several scenes where the Spirits take him traveling were a pleasure to both watch and listen to.

I do recommend seeing this film, especially in Imax if you can. I will get it when released to DVD and watch it every Christmas along it with all the versions of Christmas Carol that I love and cherish.