Should I Buy Disneyland Legacy Collection?


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I don't have any California Adventure cd's, most recent Disneyland CD's were the 6 CD Box Set Musical History of Disneyland, most recent Disney World is the current 2 cd set. Considering which of these tracks I already have, and which one's are likely to show up on a possible new Disneyland set, should I buy this or wait for a future new Disneyland set?

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Well, basically all the Legacy Collection set is is the current (2013) Disneyland Resort Official Album (which includes tracks from DCA) with an extra disc of "vintage" material almost entirely drawn from earlier offical album releases. I think the only totally new track (new being relative of course) is a 6 minute medley of music from Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (the material itself has been released before as part of the World's Fair set but this 6 minute medley format is new). If you don't have any California Adventure CDs and haven't bought a DLR official album in 10 years then a lot of the material on the Legacy Collection set will be new to you and it's probably worth picking up.

If you're someone like me who buys every park release there's really nothing new on the set that would make it a necessary purchase...but of course if you're like me and you buy every park release then of course you're going to buy it anyway, so...