Shop on Main St. at WDW


Could someone please remind me of the name of the shop on Main St. where they have or burn the old catalog titles on cd? Also, is there a complete list of what is currently available? TIA.


It's in the Main Street Cinema--currently where they are promoting VMK. It's a small little kiosk at the left rear area of the shop.

Hope this helps



Thanks Jeff. After I posted I remembered that there might be a shop at DTD that also has these discs. I think it's in Once Upon A Toy. Can anyone confirm that? Doesn't anyone here have a complete list of what is available? Is it posted somewhere? Thanks again.


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As of last October, Once Upon A Toy Store was selling the cds. They were at the registers at the back of the store.
It's always a pleasure to talk about Wonderland Music CD's!

Attached is a press release and title list:

Seven classic LP albums that had been requested for years from the Walt Disney Records archives have just joined over 50 titles in the Wonderland Music CD system, an innovative custom audio disc making device found in only three locations: Main Street Cinema store in Magic Kingdom? Park and Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney? Marketplace at the Walt Disney World? Resort in Florida, and at the 20th Century Music Shop at Disneyland? Park in California, where the system was introduced last year.

The recently-added albums are: Musical Highlights from the Mickey Mouse TV Show, Walt Disney World Band, The Jungle Book Storyteller, The Hall of Presidents, Mickey Mouse and His Friends, Multiplication and Division and the Grammy-nominated Addition and Subtraction, the latter two featuring Jiminy Cricket. These albums are part of over 60 recent and vintage Disney recording that can now be manufactured right at the store in less than two minutes.

?This name is in tribute of the original Wonderland Music Store that opened with Disneyland on July 17th, 1955,? said Grammy-winning Producer Randy Thornton. ?The original store was owned and operated by the Walt Disney Music Company (which included the then-named Disneyland and Buena Vista Records, now Walt Disney Records). It seems only fitting that this new digital outlet be named after our first and only store in celebration of not only the Disneyland 50th Anniversary, but Walt Disney Records' 50th Anniversary as well.? The original shop is visible on the new kiosk screens.

Thornton painstakingly remastered the early records in crystal clear digital sound. Classic titles such as The Parent Trap, Summer Magic and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln actually sound better than when they were originally released. There?s something for every Disney audio fan on the system, including newer titles like House of Mouse and The Little Mermaid: Songs from the Sea; attractions like The Enchanted Tiki Room, Golden Horseshoe Revue and America Sings, character albums with Professor Ludwig von Drake, The ?Disney Afternoon? casts and of course, Mickey Mouse; and star showcases featuring Hayley Mills, Annette Funicello and Fess Parker.

Guests simply browse the album selections on the Wonderland kiosk, then request the CD?s from a shop Cast Member. A number of CD?s may be in stock or they can be ?burned? within two minutes on the system. The finished discs come with original album art in a plastic ?jewel case? and look just like any brand-new compact disc.

Each Wonderland Music CD is $15.98 plus tax. Additional titles from the 50 years of great listening from the Disneyland, Buena Vista and Walt Disney Records labels are forthcoming.

Available only at Main Street Cinema
& Once Upon a Toy at Walt Disney World Resort
and 20th Century Music Shop at Disneyland park
$15.98 each

? Addition & Subtraction ? Jiminy Cricket
? Aladdin and the King of Thieves / Return of Jafar
? Alice In Wonderland Soundtrack
? Alice in Wonderland Songs
? America Sings ? Disneyland
? Annette Volume 1
? Annette Volume 2
? Babes in Toyland
? Bambi Soundtrack
? Burl Ives - Chim Chim Cheree
? Country Bear Jamboree
? Date Nite at Disneyland
? Deep in the Heart of Dixieland
? The Disney Afternoon
? Enchanted Tiki Room / Jungle Cruise
? Fess Parker ? Cowboy & Indian Songs
? Goin? Quackers!
? Golden Horseshoe Review
? A Goofy Movie
? Great Moments Mr Lincoln
? The Hall of Presidents
? Hayley Mills ? Let?s Get Together
? Hawaiianette
? Hi Ho - Mary Martin
? House of Mouse
? Instrumental Impressions of Disney Music
? The Jungle Book Storyteller
? Lady and the Tramp Soundtrack
? Lady and the Tramp Songs
? Louis Prima - Lets Fly with Mary Poppins
? Louis Prima ? Let?s ?Hear? It for Robin Hood
? Meet Me Down on Main Street - MelloMen
? Mickey Mouse Disco
? Mouse House Dance Mixes
? Mousercise
? Maurice Chevalier - Musical Tour of France
? Mickey Mouse & His Friends
? Mickey Mouse Club Musical Highlights
? Multiplication & Division ? Jiminy Cricket
? The Parent Trap ? Orig Cast
? Peter and the Wolf / The Sorcerer?s Apprentice
? Peter Pan Soundtrack
? Pooh?s Grand Adventure
? Professor Ludwig Von Drake
? Rex Allen - 16 Golden Hits
? Sebastian and Friends
? Sebastian's Party Gras
? Secrets of Life Soundtrack
? The Sherman Brothers
? it?s a small world ? 1964 World?s Fair
? it?s a small world holiday
? The Little Mermaid - Songs from the Sea
? Little Mermaid Splash Hits
? Splashdance
? Summer Magic Movie Cast
? Tigger Mania
? Tinpanorama
? Totally Minnie
? Tubby the Tuba - Annette
? Ukulele Ike Sings Again
? Walt Disney Takes You to
? Walt Disney World Band


Thanks to you all for your help. Greg that list will be very helpful on my trip. Looks like I better clear my credit card for a large purchase. You guys ROCK.


I'm back from WDW and thought I'd share my Wonderland experience here. I finally made it to MK on my second full day and found the burner at the Main St. Cinema. I was so disappointed to find a sign taped to the machine that read "out of order". I went to the counter where there were two cms. I started to ask the first cm about the broken machine about 15 feet away and he didn't even know what I was talking about. ::) The second CM then showed me about 15 titles they had pre-burned. I asked if the machine at DTD was functioning and she replied that she thought so. At DTD things were better with a nearly complete set already burned ready to view/purchase. I will say there seemed to be one CM at the store who had a pretty good handle on the system, lucky for me he was on duty. The purchase of these cds was a trip highlight for me. I'm glad that one of the kiosks was functioning.


I made a quick stop at the kiosk during a conference this past week in Orlando and found the same "out of order" sign. :mad: