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I have two questions for the group. First, does anyone know if the tracks on the Sherman Brothers CD On-Demand are the same as those from the Classic Disney 60 Years of Magic volumes 1-5 (c.1995-1998)? Or, have they been remastered (or plain just spruced up a bit) like those found on the 35th Anniversary Mary Poppins album (2001)? Second, does anyone know of any album other than the 35th Anniversary MP soundtrack that includes the full-length track of 'Step in Time'? Thanks.
The Sherman Brothers' album, that is available at The Wonderland Music Store, is the album that I did with Bob and Dick in 1992. Though there are some soundtrack versions, there are also second cast versions (or 'covers'). The selection of songs and which versions we used were chosen by Bob and Dick themsleves. The 'covers' are:

It's a Small World
The Beautiful Briny
? Performed by the Mike Samms Singers

Ten Feet Off the Ground
? Performed by Louis Armstrong

That Darn Cat
? Performed by Bobby Troop

Heffalumps and Woozles
? Performed by a Studio Chorus but with Buddy Baker's original arrangement

The rest are soundtracks or re-recordings with the original cast.

And for "Steps In Time", the last version of the "Mary Poppins" Soundtrack (60615 or 60706) is the only time the complete sequence has been included. Obviously, it will also be on the upcoming 40th Anniversary Special Edition ? Hold on to your umbrellas folks, as I believe you'll be blown away! I'm nearly finished, and it's sounding incredible! Don't have a final release date, but I'll try to post when it is comfirmed.

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Thanks for the information. I'm super excited about the new upcoming Mary Poppins soundtrack! Please keep us posted. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! ;D ;D ;D

- Chris


Thanks ever so much for the reply. I'll need to make arrangements to pick up a copy of this CD as I'm eager to hear the 'Heffalumps and Woozles' and 'Beautiful Briny' covers.

You've added yet another person to your fan club by virtue of your comments regarding the 40th Anniversary MP album. I've long held the opinion that MP was, perhaps, the finest original score for any Disney film and the Sherman Brother's crowning achievement. I'm also exceptionally fond of the orchestrations/arrangements Irwin Kostal created for this album; how I would've loved to be a fly on the wall during the recordings. (It's a shame Mr. Kostal did not win the academy award that year for best score but it's hard to find fault with Andr? Previn's score for 'My Fair Lady' -- a tough year.) Anyway, it's with great anticipation we await the 40th Anniversary album. My 3 year old son listens to the looped complete sequence version of 'Step in Time' every night as he falls asleep; it's received more airtime in our house than any other Disney tune.

Thanks again for your work; it means a lot to many of us and brings us great joy.

Best regards,
Thank you, Randy, for the additional information about the performers; the booklet that accompanied the originally released CD had no information about the artists involved, which is always a disappointment for me.

Hiya Bill!

If you've read any of my liner notes for thr Classic Soundtracks, I talk about what I refer to as "The Great Purge". In the 1950's, Disney destroyed most, if not all, of the original nitrate elements (as nitrate had the nasty habbit of, oh, bursting into flames). Though they made 'safety copies' of the complete mix and the foriegn mix (without vocals), they never made copies of the original elements ? at the time, the idea that they would go back and completely remix a film never entered their minds for there never was an occasion to do so. In 1993, while working on Snow White, I discovered this 'flaw in judgement' and I was totally aghast. Walt was even around, how could they make such a non-forward-thinking decission? Well, I soon discovered that every studio did exactally the same ? save for one... MGM. Evedently, the two old gentlemen who were in charge of this material, guarded it with their lives. They kept everything!! Which is why there is so much 'bonus material' on DVDs and CDs from MGM on average. Of all the studios, I would think that the one that had the best excuse to loose everything (the way MGM was divided up and sold off as condos) was MGM. But, because of these two guys, just about everything was saved.

Though Chitty was done in the 70's, MGM was still intact and these guys were still there. I find it hard to believe that the score was 'LOST' especially seeing that the recent Anniversary DVD release boasts a fully restored soundtrack and re-mixed in 5.1!

What I can bet is the real reason is that the score was not recorded under a phono agreement - the though the songs were. As you may know, score was rarely included on any musical's soundtrack, therefore they did not pay the minimal fee to also have this Film-Sync Session covered under a Phono Agreement. If you don't record under a Phono Agreement and later decide to release the score on record, you have to pay the entire orchestra as if you're recording it anew ? paying again for work that was already paid for. This is the situation I'm in regarding "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".

Bottom line, beyond all my blathering and giberish, I would have to say that the 'new-use' conversion fee was the prohibative factor (as it was a rather large orchestra to boot). Now, I'm just taking a guess here, but with MGM, I highly doubt it's 'Lost'. I've asked Richard Sherman to join me in the studio for the final phases of Poppins, and I'll ask him if he knows what the situation is, and then we'll probably have the definitive answer, but my money is on the conversion fee if ya ask me.

Hope that helps,
Randy Thornton

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While we have Randy's attention I'd like to stay off this topic and actually refer to a previous one.

Is the Mary Poppins Soundtrack that's supposedly going to be released going to include the score (part or all). I don't think this was really clarified in that thread. Thanks.


Dear Randy,

I have an additional question for you as well regarding your current Poppins project. Aside from the new score additions that will be on this new CD soundtrack, will it include new remixes of all the previous songs as well or will they be the same tracks from the last restoration?

and...can you give us any word on what kind of sound restoration will will be on the new 40th Anniv. DVD of the film?

Hi Randy!

Glad to see you are still on the scene..getting it done! WDR couldn't be in better hands.

An old friend who spent more time here a few years ago...

Mike Frezon
P.S. I need to thank you again for helping get the soundtrack of SpectroMagic released a few years back.