Sherman Bros. Song in "Bewitched"

X-S Tech

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I don't think it was mentioned here, but watching the Genuine, One and Only Original Family Band tonight, I remembered that during the end credits to the extremely mediocre film, Bewitched, they play the Louis Armstrong version of "Bout Time". Kinda cool that they used something so obscure. Way to go Sherman Bros.
That's two for Bob and Dick this summer, with Hushabye Mountain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang used in War of the Worlds as well.

(Too bad about the crappy postmodern Bewitched - - I wish they had made the "real" story of Samantha and Darrin).
Thanks for telling us about the Louis Armstrong song in "Bewitched", X-S; I love his work, and the LP/CD of his covers of Disney songs is one of my favorite Disney recordings(actually, it was the first time I heard "Bout Time").

.....And congratulations for making it through the end credits of that film......

Despite the bad movie, the Bewitched soundtrack CD is well worth picking up (especially used or marked-down).

Not only does it have "Bout Time" but one of my favorite old singles, the "Bewitched Theme" swingingly sung by Steve Lawrence (first time on CD) and Ella's "Dong Dong the With is Dead" among other goodies.