Sherman Bros. Park Music


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I can't think of a link to a specific list but I dont' see why we couldn't start one here.

Some of their hits for the theme parks include:

Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow
it's a small world
In The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room.
Now is the Time

And some of the movies scores they've composed that have appeared in the parks include Mary Poppins and Summer Magic.


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You should check out the book called "Walt's Time". It's like a big Sherman Brothers scrap book! There is a section on just the theme park stuff and it lists everything, I think. It's a really great book and it even talks about the non-Disney Sherman stuff like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Charlotte's Web, and Little Nemo among others. It's a great coffee table book. There's even a "discography" of sorts in the back that lists all of the availible recordings of their music.

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As an added note to Ben's comment. The book goes up to the year 2000. So it does list Rocket Rods "Magic Highways" as their last music done for the Parks.

Great book if you don't have it. You can order it directly from the publisher Camphor Tree Publishers online.
After some brief research, here is a list of song titles The Sherman Brothers wrote for the parks up to 1991. The list also includes songs that may not have appeared in the parks, but were used in TV shows about them.

Disneyland ?61 (DL TV)
All Aboard the Mine Train (DL TV)
Mister Piano Man (Golden Horseshoe Revue TV)
Hang a Lantern In Your Window (Golden Horseshoe Revue TV)
Main Street U.S.A (DL TV)
The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room (DL / WDW / TDL)
It?s a Small World (?64 WF / DL / WDW / TDL / DLP)
There?s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (?64 WF / DL)
Disneyland Anniversary March (DL)
Miracle from Molecules (DL)
The Glorious Fourth (DL / WDW)
The Best Time of Your Life (WDW)
Magic Journeys (WDW / EC)
One Little Spark (EC)
Makin? Memories (EC)
The Computer Song (EC)
World Showcase March (EC)

Hope that gets ya started!
Wow Randy, that sounds like the perfect track list for a CD celebrating the Sherman Bros. work for the Disney theme parks!
You can add "Meet the World" to that list. It was written for a domestic park but ended up being used in Tokyo's attraction of the same name...
Louis 8)
Great idea about a Sherman brothers collection, Louis! My wife stumbled upon the previous collection in, of all places, a "bargain bin" at Walmart(certainly not an appropriate receptacle!)! It was from 1992-- Randy was co-producer on it. It has tracks from a number of sources, theme park and film, and some tracks not available elsewhere on CD, to my knowledge. It ends with a brief, but essential, duet between Walt and the Shermans on "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow"! Time for volume II, Randy! Michael Zielski. P. S. I always wished that there were linear notes with the CD--they're sorely missing!

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Randy- Many thanks for the response to my question. The Shermans have always been a favorite in my book.

Happy Listening!

Jessica L

I just want to put in another good word for "Walt's Time." As a HUGE Sherman Bros. fan myself, this book is a huge must. I learned so much about them, and the pictures and articles are, well, fantasmagorical! :D If you like the Shermans, you need this book!

Okay, commercial is over... ;)


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Jessica is absolutely correct, "Walts Time: From Before to Beyond" is an exceptional Sherman Brothers reference and documentation of their outstanding career. One of the most interesting aspects of the book is how it is laid out, like a personal scrapbook, sorted by project and by the three different time frames in the Sherman's lives:

Section 1 - Walt's Time: All that we've discussed on this board and more, with plenty of great photos and anecdotes. Lots of Disneyland and Mary Poppins info, Jungle Book, the original Winnie the Pooh shorts, Walt and Studio stories and even Ludwig Von Drake!

Section 2 - Al's Time: The brother's songwriting dad, Al Sherman, whose songs you knew, but probably had no idea you knew them! This section deals with their youth, and gives a nice glimpse at their pre-Disney days... always interesting to know the background of brilliant, positive people like such as Bob and Dick.

Section 3 - Our Time: The Sherman's post-Disney days and beyond, focusing on their large portfolio of film, tv, stage and various other works. Brings you right up to their prep work on "The Tigger Movie". Plus lots of photos of them at work and with their families.

All in all a great source, and a MUST for anyone on the board! You won't be able to put it down, and once you do, you know you'll be back! I got mine at, but there's the direct link to the publisher:

Oh, wow... this is my first post on the new board!
-Danny Love
LOVE the Shermans! LOVE Disney park music! Great mixture! Great thread!

Here's my small contribution today since it just popped into my head. ::)

Sherman brothers songs used in the Main Street music loop:

Lets Have A Drink On It
Summer Magic
Beautiful Beulah

Oh, and in the AK's Character Grove they use:

I Wanna Be Like You
Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
Winnie The Pooh

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When I had originally asked this question, I had forgotten about the listing in the back of their book of park music they contributed. I do own the book. I got mine from a book signing they did for it in So. Cal. when it was first released. It always will be a treasured item in my library.