Sherman Bros musical comes to London


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Although the Lion King is still the number 1 show in Londons west end, next week sees the opening of
what is expected to be anouther huge family musical
spectacle, as the Sherman Bros musical Chitty Chitty
Bang Bang premiers at the London Palladium.
The palladium is famous for it's lavish productions
so the sight of a flying car overhead should be fairly
impressive....and lets not forget those stunning Sherman songs.
I'm booked to see the show next month and will report back........


Ha! I've got you beat... I'm going to see it this coming week. :) I've heard that Richard Sherman is very happy with the way it's turned out, and thinks it might have translated better to the stage than it did to the screen!



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Jason, let us know if Richard and Robert added some new music to the production.... I thought I remembered them saying something about a couple new tunes were going to be added, but that was quite a while ago. Let us know if an official "cast" CD is being released at the same time? Thanks

Greg in CA


WOW Bill - wish I could have been there! I guess I will have to wait a few more month before I get back to London to see the show. Could you give us a few first impressions about the show and the songs now included (anything new??)? This would be great!

Oh, and for all visiting London this weekend or living near London anyway on the website Bill mentioned,, it reads:
You Are Cordially Invited to Attend the
Debut London Art Exhibition of

Robert Sherman

April 15 to April 20
Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Plus Special "After Theatre" Receptions
Tuesday, April 16, 9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Saturday, April 20, 9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Meet the Artist ? Personal Appearances by Robert Sherman
Exhibition Information 020 7514 5834

Thompson's Gallery
76 Marylebone High Street, London W1U SJU
Tel. 020 7935 3595
Located Near the London Palladium Theatre


Song List London Musical

HI there again,

I just found the website for the London production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - unfortunately the videos of the show are not yet uploaded but you may want to check it out anyway at:

But most interesting is the list of musical numbers:

Act 1
1. Overture - Orchestra
2. Opening - Company
3. You Two - Caractacus, Jeremy & Jemima
4. Them Three - Grandpa Potts
5. Toot Sweets - Caractacus, Truly Scrumptious, Lord Scrumptious & Ensemble
6. Think Vulgar - Boris and Goran
7. Hushabye Mountain - Caractacus
8. Come to the Funfair - Company
9. Me Ol' Bamboo - Caractacus & Ensemble
10. Posh - Grandpa Potts
11. Hushabye Mountain (Reprise) - Grandpa Potts
12. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Caractacus, Truly, Jeremy, Jemima & Grandpa Potts
13. Truly Scrumptious - Jeremy, Jemima & Truly
14. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Nautical reprise) - Caractacus, Truly, Jeremy & Jemima
15. Finale to Act One - Company

Act 2
16. Entr'acte - Orchestra
17. Vulgarian National Anthem - Company
18. The Roses of Success - Grandpa Potts & Inventors
19. Kiddy-Widdy-Winkies - Childcatcher
20. Teamwork - Caractacus, Toymaker & Children
21. Chu-Chi Face - Baron & Baroness
22. The Bombie Samba - Baron, Baroness & Ensemble
23. Doll on a Music Box Truly Scrumptious (Reprise) - Truly & Caractacus
24. Finale - Company

Now if anybody had a list with the songs and musical numbers from the movie...



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I've been listening the the film soundtrack recently and I thnk the songs from the film are...

1. Overture/Main Titles
2. You Two
3. Toot Sweets
4. Hushabye Mountain
5. Me Ol' Bam-Boo
6. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
7. Truly Scrumptios
8. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Nautical Reprise
9. Lovely Lonely Man
10. Posh!
11. Hushabye Mountain - Reprise
12. The Roses of Success
13. Chu-Chi Face
14. Doll on a Music Box/Truly Scrumptious
15. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Finale
16. End Credits


Thanks Ben!

That means that one song was cut or has all new lyrics so that one can't identify it in the list of musical numbers from the show and there are five new musical numbers!

cut from the show but in the movie:
(-Opening Titles)
-Lovely Lonely Man
(-End Titles)

(most propably) new in the show:
-Them Three
-Think Vulgar
-Come to the Funfair
(-Finale Act I)
-Vulgarian National Anthem
-The Bombie Samba

So the big question remaining is: when does the CD become available ? ;-)



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Chitty......A review. (with some spoilers)

My wife and I saw the show two weeks ago, and had a thoroughly entertaining evening. As predicted in my original messege the show is a lavish big budget london palladiam extravaganza with packs of 'real' dogs bringing the toot sweets number to a close, amazing choreography for Me Ol' Bamboo and of course a flying car that sweeps over the stalls....
As mentioned above the song Lovely lonely man has been cut from the show and in fact the romance between Caractacus and Truely is not played on much in the show aside from a charming scene which takes place at the end of the Truely Scrumptious number.

Generaly the new material seems to have been added to keep the story moving and for scene setting as is the
case for Come to the funfair and the Vulgarian national anthem number. Teamwork is a catchy song which is sung in the sewers as caractacus bands together the children to attack the castle and Kiddy-Widdy winkies is chance for Richard O'brien to ham up the expanded role of the child catcher. The only song which had me a bit bemused was the Bombie Samba which introduces the birthday scene, although its catchy its does not seem to fit in with the follow-on show-stopper of Doll on a music box.

Michael Ball is fine as Caractacus, Brian Blessed plays Bomblast aka Prince Vultan of course, Nicola McAuliffe is great as Baroness Bomblast but real stars of the show are newcomer Emma Williams as Truely Scrumptious who's Doll on a Music Box is as jaw-droppingly good as Sally Ann Howes film version and the marvellouse Anton Rogers who plays Lionel Jeffries grandpa Potts to a tee. The children (Jemima and Jeremy) on the night we saw the show were Kimberley Fletcher and Harry Smith were also a real delight.
There are many homages in the set design to the amazing work of Ken Addams and all in all it is a great show in the style of Beauty and the Beast.

And my favourite number......The title song is great,
Me Ol' Bamboo, Posh and Hushabye Mountain are lovely but favourite song on the night was Roses of Success
a true gem of Sherman brilliance.
Come to London and Enjoy :)

(The soundtrack is due at the end of June)

Chitty Chitty Chitty Chitty....BANG BANG!


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Jason90, thanks for the review and update. How are the "critics" reviews and does this seem to be the kind of musical that will "be around" for some time?

Greg in CA