Share a Dream Come True music

I came across a drop dead gorgeous source recording of the 'Share a Dream Come True' parade. Unfortunately, when I reached 14:16 it skips and then at 14:18 the file abruptly ends. I requested via newsgroups someone to post the parade music and received one that checks in at 35:18. Although this copy is not nearly as pristine as the first it was complete and I was happy. I listened through and realized something was different; I checked back with the first and after some work I realized the two diverge at the 4:49 mark. In the first, Pinocchio starts a spiel about being made of wood and in the second, Mickey Mouse segues into a Time Becomes Timeless tune.


1. Which version preceded the other? Or, is this a Share a Dream Come True vs. Disney Dreams Come True change?
2. Does anyone know if my corrupted copy has a non-corrupted twin out in circulation?
3. I read this parade was to have new music close to the end of 2006, specifically to be replaced with TDL's music. Is this the Disney Dreams Come True parade and music?
oh, wow.. yeah, if Mickey is talking about "time becomes timeless..." then, yes, you have an old recording. As for its source, I can't say (maybe from a reh disc? maybe from the official park album?).

The music changed in fall of '06 using music from TDL.


There are 2 bootlegs, one at 35:21 and one at 19:28. The 35:21 is the full original, and is the same as you'd find on the SDCT official cd release. The 19:28 one where Pinocchio suddenly goes into being made of wood is simply going into Pinocchio's showstop, i.e. it skipped Mickey's showstop and Pinocchio's parade mode that you'd hear first in the longer 35:21 file.

But there are more differences, the 19:28 has cuts during the parade mode, I assume from one of the many cuts they did during the parade's lifetime but I don't have any list documenting each and every change. I know they shortened the showstops once, perhaps twice. By the time I saw the parade the showstops were removed all together and the parade modes were still in their full length. The part you can tell it's missing in the 19:28 version is when it starts playing the trumpet theme in the middle of the loops, it will skip a bar of it. i.e. for aladdin it skips over "Don't you dare close your eyes.. hold your breath it gets better!"

The 35:21 version is not from the official CD because it includes the intro and a loop of the BGM.